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Sugar: What’s the Real Story? Is It So Bad?

Some of the ways that sugar affects you. It’s more than your weight or even your blood sugar. For instance, cancer cells thrive on sugar!

Juicing For Kids: The Healthy Bottled Juice Myth

When most parents think of giving their kids juice, they always seem to reach for the bottles that you buy from the store. Stop and think about what may be wrong with this.

The Many Benefits Of Eating Whole Eggs

When people order egg white omelets at the diner, are they really eating healthy? The yolk contains tremendous nutritional value and that’s no joke.

How Much Do We Pay for Our Food?

The cost of grocery items increase on a regular basis. Not only do they increase, but the product sizes decrease causing a much higher cost overall. Is this the only cost for from our foods? Is this all we should be concerned about? I examine in detail more about the ‘business-side’ of agriculture and how this is impacting the lives of everyone eating food prepared at home and even when we at at a restaurant.

Turbo Boost Your Nutrition With Vegetable Juicing

Do you lack energy or feel your immune system needs a boost? Do you need to lose weight? Have you abused your body with too much alcohol and junk food? Vegetable juicing is for you.

How-To Sprout for Protein

We need a wide variety of greens to get all of our protein amino acid needs while alkalizing (repairing) the body. Alfalfa sprouting is great for beginners and are the easiest to find. Learn how to sprout for a quick energy boost with a readily absorb plant based amino-acid protein.

Sugar Cravings: Do You Indulge or Not?

It’s late afternoon and your energy is waning as you attempt to complete your work. All you can think about is the chocolate frosted donut sitting in the break room. It’s greasy, sweet and gooey and you want it!

Summer Vegetables and Fat Loss

Yes, there is still some summer left. One of the great gifts of summer is its beautiful fresh produce. These beautiful gifts of nature abound in New England.

Rider’s Nutrition: Is Your Horse Better Nourished Than You Are? Part 4

As serious riders, you understand the role nutrition plays in improving performance. After all, your horse’s mineral and vitamin status as well as gut function are often monitored to ensure optimal performance. Isn’t it about time you gave your nutrition the attention it deserves? In Part 1 we looked at the importance of hydration, for both you and your horse; in Part 2 we discussed gut motility and adrenal stress and in part 3 we looked at the importance of balancing blood sugar levels. In this final part we will review healthy eating, the potential for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and peak performance.

The Poison in Your Food

The quality of food in America is poor. People in westernized countries have sacrificed quantity of food for quality and our health is paying dearly. Find out how the quality of food effects your life, your sleep habits, your ability to lose weight, your energy levels, eczema, dandruff and other disorders. General guidelines are given to direct readers on how to make quality food choices to improve memory, fitness, body composition, skin tone, brain function, and other health goals.

How Do Weight Loss Herbs Work?

What are weight loss herbs and how can herbs permanently help lose weight is explained here. Often overlooked, but more importantly, is how do herbs help one maintain the weight loss. This article explains the immediate weight loss and how the lifestyle changes help keep the weight off by altering the appetite.

Food Tips for Boxers Strength

If you don’t already know, boxing is one tough physical sport to say the very least. If you are trying to become a fighter, or are an existing fighter, you’ll soon realize that if you are not physically fit and do not take in the exact amount of proper nutrition that you need, you won’t be successful.

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