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Proper Nutrition – The Only Fad That Works

Eating a well-balanced diet is often a challenge in our ever-changing world. The dieticians, doctors and federal guidelines seem to change every few years about whether you should or should not eat certain foods. Though it seems like dietary guidelines constantly change, the fact that a well-balanced diet requires variety has remained the key point to eating a balanced diet for good health.

Eating Foods From Paleo Food Lists for the Best Results

Early humans, the so-called cavemen, did not have the luxury of being able to drive down to the store whenever food was needed; these people obtained all their nourishment from hunting animals and gathering the wild fruits and vegetables around them. It has been found that these people were robust and healthy, mostly because of the natural diet they ate.

Buy Organic Pomegranate Juice – Choose Wisely To Get the Maximum Benefit

Pomegranates are unique looking and tasting fruits that have an immense amount of health giving properties. They are loaded with polyphenols and flavonoids in addition to many other micronutrients. You will benefit very much from including them in your daily diet, especially since they are very good sources of Potassium, Manganese, Folate and Vitamin K.

10 Ways To Protect Yourself From “Bad” Fats

Do you keep hearing conflicting information about fats? Oh, all saturated fats are bad and all vegetable oils are good… not true! And what about monunsaturated, polyunsaturated… it’s all so confusing!

Why Fresh Vegetables Are Not Always Best

I’ve just come across an article published in a UK newspaper confirming something I’ve long suspected; fresh vegetables are NOT always the best buy. Why not? Well according to research by scientists at The Institute of Food Research, it can take fresh produce as long as two weeks to reach the table. And it’s generally accepted that fresh vegetables begin to lose nutritional value from the moment they’re picked, so it’s no surprise that the scientists claim that after 16 days the beans tested had lost 45% of their important nutrients, and Broccoli 25%. Carrots fared somewhat better having lost only 10%.

Pre-Workout and Post Workout Nutrition

The goal of any pre-workout meal is to prepare the body for the vigorous and demanding assault it will be undertaking. This meal should be consumed approximately 60-90 minutes before exercise so all nutrients are absorbed into the body before you begin. The post workout meal is often regarded as the most important for anyone taking part in a intensive workout/training regime. In order to mobilize the body’s anabolic or repair process, a meal combining protein, carbohydrates and good fats is needed to begin rebuilding glycogen reserves and to repair damaged tissue.

Fight Cancer And Protect Your Body’s Cells With These Anthocyanins

The anthocyanins are a group of flavonoids (plant based chemical compounds that have various health benefits) which act in a protective capacity throughout your body. In this article I discuss 3 of the main anthocyanins, provide some of the best food sources and break down their main health benefits.

Juicing Information – How to Receive All the Best Benefits

Do you know that by juicing fruits and vegetables, you will be able to get their best benefits? Here’s some juicing information that will show you exactly how to maximize the healthy benefits you can get from fruits and vegetables.

Avoid Unnecessary Inflammation And Prevent Cancer With These Anthocyanins

The anthocyanins are a group of flavonoids (chemical compounds that are found in plants and can boost your overall health) that act in a protective capacity throughout your body. In this article I discuss how 3 of the main anthocyanins keep your body in tip top shape and outline some of the richest food sources.

Tomato Juice Recipes You Will Enjoy

If you are growing tomatoes in your own backyard, you can actually have delicious tomato juice recipes. Tomatoes have lycopene which are antioxidants that help fight different kinds of cancer and heart disease. It protects the body from free radicals and the toxic effects of both light and oxygen.

Five Kinds of Foods That Keep You Away From Influenza

Preface: Influenza is a common problem that people will suffer from nearly in any season. This article will recommend you five kinds of food, which can improve human immunity, and keep you away from a cold, so as to make you much healthier. First, mushroom: promote white blood cells and fight against infection.

Antiangiogenesis Ingredients Rule – Cancer Schmancer

For a cancer survivor diet is one of the most important considerations. Diet changes for the better are far cheaper than pharmaceutical choices, and far less dangerous.

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