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Healthy Oils And Fats

Previously we all believed saturated fats were bad for you, and your heart. Now some new work finds that while they still aren’t any picnic, these fats may not be so bad for heart health after all. What’s more, replacing these fats with other unhealthy options – highly refined carbs – might actually increase your danger of heart disease.

Facts on Fast Food – 6 Reasons to Ditch the Drive Through

Fast food has become a growing trend in recent years. Chains are working hard to come up with the best advertisements to get more customers to eat at their restaurants. Fast food is fast, cheap, and convenient. But the negative effects that come with fast food far outweigh the advantages. Get the facts on fast food… you might just decide to bypass the drive through.

Dangers Of Too Much Red Meat

If you want to live for longer, you’ll want to avoid having too much red meat (including processed meats) according to some new research. Instead, make healthier choices like chicken, fish, whole grains, nuts and other solid sources of protein suggest researchers who have concluded a new study.

The Changing Face of British Snacking

Long a staple snack, biltong has become a symbol of South Africa itself. Unlike the more traditional snacks consumed in some British pubs, it’s even got a bizarre twist to it; it’s healthy! Low in fat and high in protein and energy, biltong offers a perfectly excusable snack, which won’t help to pile on the pounds. It’s a favourite with many athletes, mountaineers and other generally healthy types, as a high energy, easy to carry source of essential energy and vitamins.

Stop Eating Junk Food – Easy Junk Food Replacements

Stop eating junk food!” they say; easier said than done when the food industry spends over $33 billion per year in the US alone to advertise food products that could be classified as junk food. Find substitutes for the top junk food culprits.

What Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?

Who knows which came first, but I do know it’s important to know where your eggs are coming from. Are conventional, free-range, range free or organic eggs healthiest for you? What’s the difference between brown, soy-free or white eggs? You may be surprised!

The Real Deal on Granola Bars

Over the past decades, the basic granola bar has evolved into a fancy snack which may contain tons of chocolate, marshmallows and significant amounts of artificial sugar. This is probably the reason why some people argue that granola bars are unhealthy. Granola bars are actually very nutritious, especially those organic ones, and it offers a lot of benefits to the body. Some ready made granola bars can be high in sugar, calories and fat which negates some of the health benefits so it is very important to choose the right type of granola bar to get the maximum health benefits. The best ones are the baked organic ones with no added sugar. Granola bars do offer a lot of benefits to the body. Let me share to you some of them.

5 Super Foods You Should Be Eating Every Day

Super foods provide a number of essential nutrients, fill you up so you can enjoy plenty of food without excess calories, and they are easy to include in everyday meals. Pick up some super foods next time you get the munchies.

Understanding Sugar Alcohols And Whether They Affect Blood Sugar Levels

A sugar alcohol is a type of carbohydrate that is not completely absorbed by the body, and thus is supposed to have a minimal impact on blood sugar. This would also be similar to fiber, which is another type of carbohydrate that we don’t digest and that passes through the digestive tract into the colon without being absorbed.

A Little “Tweaking” Can Go A Long Way To Create a Healthy Lifestyle

No one should feel tired or achy all of the time at any age. It’s not normal to be tired when you get up in the mornings. You should not have to medicate yourself to eat a meal, sleep well, feel happy, or lose weight!

If One More Person Asks Me If I Get Enough Protein

The misconception that vegetarians and vegans do not get enough protein in their diets is addressed in this article. If you are prepared with a healthy shopping list and make health conscience decisions, it is easy to get your recommended daily amount of protein.

What You Should Know About a Glycaemic Index Diet

If you are trying different diets, to find out if they suit you, the glycaemic index diet is certainly worth closer inspection. It can help you to achieve better balanced blood sugar levels, have sustained energy and vitality.

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