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The Health Benefits of Eating Different Types of Fruit

When it comes to our health and what we eat, fruit is an excellent source of food to help protect us against illness and disease. By eating a wide variety of fruits, we gain all the protective properties of fruit such as phytochemicals and antioxidants.

Why Apples Are Good With Regard To Our Health

Many people have lived with this school of thought for many years, and they in addition pass this on to their children. You will even find that individuals in other country’s also stick to this simple rule and they do not even know why.

Have The Effects Of Too Much Salt Been Overstated?

Despite what you’ve been told, the effects of too much salt might not be so bad for your heart. Cutting the salt from your diet brings down blood pressure a bit to be sure, but the evidence just isn’t there for less salt being able to prevent heart disease or dying as a result of it.

Tomato Juice Recipes That You Can Enjoy Every Day

If there is one vegetable that stands out among the rest as a multipurpose favorite, the credit would have go to the tomato. The tomato can be eaten raw in salads and sandwiches, cooked into sauces and casseroles, or enjoyed as a juice. It has also been shown to be beneficial when applied externally to the skin as well.

5 Myths That Can Sabotage Your Fat Loss

It’s heartbreaking to hear overweight people tell you their false beliefs about diet and fat loss, because until these myths are dispelled, they are going to continue making the same mistakes and sabotage their fat loss efforts. Myth 1: “Junk food is ok as part of a balanced…

The Gut-Autism Connection

I recently heard an interview with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride who has a thriving medical practice in Cambridge, England. Unfortunately, it is thriving because of the drastic spike in autism, ADHD, dyslexia, depression, schizophrenia and other ailments, which she addresses.

Some Of The Many Amla Juice Benefits For The Body

The gooseberry or Indian gooseberry, also referred to as the amla fruit, though it is very bitter-tasting is a remarkable little fruit. For starters it is jam-packed with vitamin C, well over two dozen times that of an orange. This vitamin C contained in the amla juice has the ability to reduce high blood pressure by lowering blood cholesterol and thus opening up the pathways through the arteries, veins and capillaries and in their repair as well.

Use Common Sense When Trying Juice Recipes For Fasting

Using a fruit or vegetable juice recipe for fasting might be all right once in a while for a short time period such as three days to a maximum of five days, but it should never be extended longer than that and not used excessively or your health will suffer. The juice fast is used mainly for two reasons, to lose weight fast or as a detox to rid the body of harmful accumulated toxins from a processed food or fast food diet.

The Benefits From Juicing Beets Can Improve Your Health

Finding out about all the health benefits that comes from juicing beets that are raw may not thrill you very much, especially if you have a hard enough time consuming then when they’re cooked. This may stem from childhood when your mother told you to eat those beets or you wouldn’t be excused from the table. You tried to pawn them off on the dog under the table, but he was too smart and took off. Anyway they are fully packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrient benefits.

Is My Way of Eating Weird, or Is Yours?

When people discover that I am vegan, and I have explained that I don’t eat fish, cheese, milk, yoghurt, honey, butter, or anything that comes from any animal, I usually get a few odd looks and (to me) dumb questions. It sometimes makes me want to run and check that I don’t now have a carrot in place of my nose. Now that I have been following this way of eating for several years, I am finding it increasingly hard to understand just what other people cannot understand. Questions such as, “What can I give you to eat?”, “Where do you get your protein?” and “Don’t you get bored with your food?” The majority of people seem to think my lifestyle choice is somehow weird or extreme, but I believe it is theirs that is strange.

What Is a Super Fruit?

We’re all trying to eat better these days, and for the most part it’s not very hard to do. But what you’ll find more often than not on food labels is the mention of something called a “super fruit.” Just what is a super fruit? Does it have some special benefits beyond other fruits? Has it been proven to hold the key to healthiness? Read on and I’ll let you know the skinny on super fruits.

Find Out What Makes Ultimate Omega Fish Oil Good For Us

Everyone knows that fish is beneficial for our health. People who consume fish oil try to find the best quality of fish oil available. Many companies make claims that the Omega three fish oil they manufacture is the ultimate fish oil.In what ways is the ultimate omega fish oil good for us? How can we find out the best one? In this article you will explore how you should go about choosing the ultimate Omega three fish oil.

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