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Importance of Carbohydrates in the Human Body

Carbohydrates are chemical compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These compounds have some similarities and some differences. Learn why carbohydrates are important in a diet and which foods are good sources of carbohydrates.

Nuts – Nutrition In A Nutshell

Nuts are one of the earliest staples of the human diet. It’s thought that people began cultivating nut trees around 10,000 B.C. Strictly speaking, nuts are tree seeds that are covered with a hard shell, but some other seeds are also considered nuts, as are peanuts, which are actually a type of legume. On their own or added to other dishes, nuts provide taste, texture, and concentrated doses of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Evolved Dietary Changes Lead to Weight Gain and Chronic Disease

Our diet has changed radically over the past century and has become a significant cause of disease and illness as animal based foods account for a quarter of our calories. Processed foods which didn’t exist 100 years ago make up more than 60% of our present diet while naturally healthy vegetables and fruits provide less than 5% of our daily energy.

Misleading Theories Of Mainstream Medical And Nutritional Science

It is unfortunate that mainstream medical and nutritional science base their theories not so much on the basic processes that occurs in the body, but rather on the contents of food. This can be very misleading, to say the least. We are being told, for example, that when we lack calcium we should drink milk because it contains a lot of calcium. We are not being told, however, that in order to digest and metabolize milk calcium, we must first dispose of the phosphorus contained in milk. To process and remove the phosphorus, though, we require calcium. Since there is more phosphorus in milk than there is calcium, the bones, teeth and muscles have to supply the extra calcium. This fact alone makes milk a major calcium-depleting food. Loss of calcium can cause osteoporosis and such diseases as Crohn’s and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory ailments and cancer. The above principle can be applied to almost everything else we believe is so good for us.

Don’t Be Duped By A Mango

I live in the north, and it’s very clear to me that mangoes are not from around here. You can tell just by looking at them. The trees in these parts don’t produce things that large. So when we buy mangoes in the grocery store, we’re not likely to know if they’re ripe and we don’t really know how to treat them when we get them home.

Weight Loss Solution – Miraculous Food

Do you struggle with your weight? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you to know exactly what foods are good for you and which ones aren’t–without having to do any study or research? There is a way. It’s absolutely free, will never cost you a penny, is one hundred percent accurate and you can have access to it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Water, Rejuvenate With the Liquid of Life

Water is the Liquid of Life that Rejuvenates us. It is the ultimate survival system for all life, the gift of life, the fountain of youth, that which links all the living. We are made of water and our bodies were made to consume water in its natural form for optimal functioning. We want the best for our children, families and selves, so let us not forget about heath. Our bodies were created a seemingly miracle of the systems that work together to create homeostasis, so let’s educate ourselves on how to best respect and take care of this body when it comes to proper hydration.

Heart Healthy For A Better Life

Changing ones diet is a good start, however to truly transform yourself and your family, you must take on a deeper change…a lifestyle change. Many experts suggest consciously adopting the Mediterranean Diet as an alternative to fast food, take out, and other high fat diets. The heart healthy Mediterranean Diet coupled with regular, moderate exercise has proven to be able to conquer weight related problems as well as many other diseases and health related issues.

Can Certain Foods Lead to Weight Gain?

Are there foods that help you put on the pounds? It seems there are. After following the diets of thousands of men and women over a period of years, researchers studied which foods led to weight gain and which foods did not. Some foods many of us eat all the time are linked to weight gain.

You Are Not What You Eat – You Are What You Absorb (III)

The taboo subject No one wants to talk about this aspect of health, but it is one of the most important aspects of keeping yourself healthy. One of the best ways to assess whether your digestive system is getting rid of waste efficiently is to look at your ‘transit time.’ Although this sounds like a ghastly task, it’s actually quite simple, and although you won’t be discussing this procedure at your next dinner party, it can be extremely helpful in…

You Are Not What You Eat – You Are What You Absorb (II)

You’ve read about the importance of digestion, so its time to look at the next step in the process of turning your food into you. Absorption After you’ve digested your food, it doesn’t simply pass through the small intestine into your blood stream, and then into your cells. It’s a little more complicated.

Strawberries: The Healthful Snack

Strawberries; plump, ripe and delicious. This rubescent fruit is a summertime favorite. And this year’s abundant crop has kept grocers’ shelves full all summer long. Low prices in some areas make them a terrific value as well as a delightful treat.

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