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Is It Possible To Get Healthy Quick?

Let’s face it, for many of us, being in good shape is not one of our top priorities, and this is not a good thing. Sure, we may be having loads of fun now, eating whatever we want, smoking, drinking, partying until all hours of the night, not exercising and not eating the proper foods. Some people can even get away with a lifestyle such as this for a number of years, but no matter who you are, and no matter how great your metabolism is, you are going to get older, and eventually your lifestyle is going to be your downfall. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can get healthy.

Can a Personal Trainer and the Champions of Fruit Juice Agree About Juice’s Benefits?

About a month ago there was controversy in the news regarding the level of arsenic in apple juice. Arsenic or not both sides implied there are healthy benefits to drinking “untainted” apple juice. Most wouldn’t even question it, especially after more than half a century of advertising telling us juice is good, but we should. In a country where obesity and adult onset diabetes are epidemic, the high sugar content (and hidden additives) in fruit juice are not as healthy as we’ve been led to believe.

Protein Shakes, a Smart Way to Reach Your Weight Goals

If you are interested in losing weight, building muscle, or maintaining a healthy weight should you consider diet plans that include protein shakes. There are many on the market. If you are a vegetarian there are plant-based protein shakes that use soy protein. Adding supplements such as vitamins, joint nutrients, or something that helps in the absorption of nutrients for better cellular nutrition will better guarantee you are getting the proper nutrients with your shake.

Very Simple Nutritional Tips For A Healthy You

Nutrition is the key to a healthier you. People generally think that nutrition takes a lot of effort and time. If you know where to look and what to change in your diet, you will have a much easier time in incorporating nutritious food into your diet. Use the tips below to help you determine what you should add or take away from your current diet.

Which Has More Omega 3, Water or Oil Packed Tuna?

Which one contains the more omega 3? Oil or Water packed tuna? It seems that while in the can they have the same amount, but once the oil is drained off, it’s no longer so. Water packed is better than oil packed unless it’s packed in olive oil.

Metabolism – What It Is

Metabolism, plainly put, is the complete set of chemical reactions that occur in your body to keep itself going. Whatever action we undertake, if it is eating, drinking or walking, our metabolism is continually engaged in burning calories to keep us going. The energy that is burned, comes from the food we put into our body.

Nutrition Made Easy: Simple Ways To Make Nutrition Fun

Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. This article contains simple and helpful tips to keep your nutrition balanced and optimal. Don’t feed your body junk. Good nutrition will keep you looking and feeling great. These tips will teach you easy ways to keep your body healthy from the inside out.

Should I Take Omega 3 Oil Or Fish Oil? And What Is Krill Oil?

Ever since Jack was a lad Grannies everywhere have been pushing spoonfuls of fish oil down children’s throats to their horror in the name of ‘Good Health’. This ritual stems from the fact that people with a high fish content in their diets live generally a longer and healthier life. What it all boils down to mainly is the ever popular titled Omega 3 in fish oil, which we now see being added to everything from Milk to Margarine right down to Fish fingers in the Supermarkets, usually in such minimum quantities so that it only really serves product marketing…

10 Vitamins You Need To Take

We all are well aware of the importance of proper protein and carbohydrate intake, but what about vitamins? It seems that a plethora of young people are overlooking the importance of vitamins in their daily lives.

The Paleo Diet And Why You Need To Consider It

In our modern and technologically advanced day, we have less and less time to do anything and so we use every time-saving technology we can get our hands on. That’s including food, we can microwave vegetables and pizza. We can pop vegetables and fruits out of cans, heat them on the stove…

Fight Back At Cancer With Lycopene-Rich Juice Recipes for Juicers – 5 Recipes That May Help

Lycopene, a chemical found in tomatoes, carrots and watermelons, has been the focus of much scientific research in recent years and has shown some promise in the fight against certain types of cancer. This article explores how you can add Lycopene-rich juices to your diet, and benefit from some of the most potent anti-oxidants in nature.

Food-Grade Natural Diatomaceous Earth – Its Health Benefits

Food grade diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring mineral compound that is derived from microscopic water plants that are fossilized. This all-natural compound comes from silica-based remains of diatoms, a single-celled plant that is closely associated with the algae. The diatoms have been performing an important ecological function since the earth’s prehistoric era.

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