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Healthy Living and Eating

We are the sum total of what we eat and live. Thus it behooves all to learn to eat and stay healthy to avoid health crisis.

Should Elderly People Take Prebiotics?

Anyone wondering if prebiotics are effective, or needed by elderly people the answer is a big yes. Since our body deteriorates more with every passing year, it ‘s ability to absorb nutrients decreases which affects certain things such as the immune system. A weak immune system can lead to many disorders and even disease.

Enjoying the Benefits of Niacin Overdosing Without Side Effects

An article about the positive effects of niacin flushing. The article also describes how you can prevent side effects like reddening of the skin.

Foods to Avoid With IBS

IBS is a digestive condition that effects many peoples lives, but with the right diet it can be helped. People just need to educate themselves about the foods to avoid with IBS. This article is expert qualified nutritionist advice about the types of foods to avoid with IBS.

Untold Benefits of Niacin Flushing: Treating Depression, Hair Growth and Gaining Muscle

This article will tell you what niacin flushing can do for your health. Niacin flushing entails taking in an overdose of niacin in order to ‘flush’ the body of toxic waste.

Could GMO Foods Possibly End Our Lives?

Not only is it possible that GMO foods could end our lives and certainly our health as many today have come to recognize, and that we are becoming the unhealthiest humans who have ever walked this earth and it all ties back to the GMO foods that people unknowingly starting getting off of supermarket shelves in the 1990’s approved by the FDA top heavy with former Monsanto employees. America is the only country in the world that does not require GMO labeling because the government said it wasn’t necessary. This article examines the unhealthy approval and comparison of Fluoride in the 1940s and GMO foods in the 1990s.

Where To Get Prebiotics

Knowing where to get prebiotics can be as important as knowing why you should be consuming them in the first place. Prebiotics help to cure and alleviate a range of common ailments as well as more serious ones such as Cancer. If you are reading this article you are probably already convinced that prebiotics are an essential part of your daily diet.

How You Can Create Your Own Juicing Recipes

Juices are easier on the stomach and help the body absorb nutrients faster. You can create your own juicing recipes to try out new combinations, which pack in all the necessary nutrients in a single glass of juice. Juices let you enjoy all the benefits of the ingredients without the added worry of consuming calories and putting on weight. To successfully create your own juicing recipes, the first thing you need is a good juicer and blender.

Health Habits: Can The Pop

I bet you didn’t know that there’s a “Morbidity And Mortality Weekly Report.” Well, there is, and in an edition of the report this June readers got more statistics on how hard soda pop is on your body…

Boron – The Roles of This Trace Mineral in Your Body

Boron is one of over 10 trace minerals considered essential to human health. You will learn its roles and what foods you can eat to get enough in your diet.

Food Dehydrators – Why You Need One For Your Family’s Optimal Nutrition, Today

With today’s recession looming ever longer and no real end in sight, family food budgets are stretched to the max. We are all looking for cheaper sources for healthy food.

Is Water Nature’s Greatest Medicine?

The medical world is divided over many issues, but there is one subject that they all agree on; drinking water is good for you. Water carries vital oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the places where your body needs them most. On a basic level, it helps with the removal of waste material and toxins in the body, but water can do so much more as well.

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