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Foods to Eat After Overtraining

Overtraining can be worse than getting no exercise at all. While getting no exercise at all is virtually impossible unless one spends one’s life lying down exclusively all the time, overtraining tires up and even leads to tearing up of the muscles. It results in dehydration, extra fatigue, unhealthy weight loss and bulimic disorders. A lot of people tend to overexercise, enthused by their unrealistic fitness goals. They either want to lose too much weight, or lose weight too fast. Such impatience can be extremely harmful.

Using a Digital Body Scale for Weight Loss

A great way to measure your weight loss progress is to get a digital body scale. There is a great selection of body scales for every need and budget. This article helps the reader find the best for the particular situation.

Digestive Health – Are You Doing Everything You Can?

The list of maladies you may suffer if you fail to take care of your digestive health is extensive. These can include annoying but non fatal problems such as constipation, irritable bowl syndrome, and badly formed stools to more severe problems such as cancer. Taking good care of your digestive health is essential if you wish to live an energetic and long life.

Want To Prevent Diabetes? Then Give Caffeic Acid A Try

Caffeic acid is a hydroxycinnamic acid and phytonutrient that is mainly found in coffee but can also be sourced from other plant based foods. It is not classed as an essential nutrient in humans but studies have shown that it can fight cancer, prevent inflammation and more. In this article I will be providing a full breakdown of caffeic acid.

Vitamin/Minerals – Nutrition As We Age

A good regiment of vitamins and minerals should start through our early lives. So we all can enjoy a long and healthy life. Nutritional values become more important as we age, such as vitamin B-12 helps to promote healthy heart and peace of mind as we age…

The Best Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Because of all of the conflicting diet information out there, it can be tough to learn what foods are best at burning belly fat and which ones won’t help you get a flat belly at all. It’s no wonder many people give up on their plan to try and lose stomach fat because they just don’t know what to do. They don’t know who to listen to, what to try, and what foods they should be eating in order to lose that belly.

How Hidden Salt in Foods Could Be Putting Your Health at Risk

A recent survey by the Consensus for Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has revealed that a slice of bread from a standard loaf can contain as much salt as a packet of crisps – up to a third of the daily intake recommended by doctors and medical insurance providers. Other findings included evidence that fresh baked bread tends to have a higher salt content than pre-packaged varieties, and the highest salt levels tend to be found in bread from high street chain bakeries. Many people don’t realise just how many foodstuffs contain high levels of salt.

2 Tips to a Lean Muscle Building Diet

Adding lean muscle to the body can be a difficult process for several people. One answer is not spending hours in the gym. The best place to start is by utilizing a muscle building diet.

4 Week Nutrition Challenge: 4 Ways to Challenge Your Eating Habits

Many times we get in the habit of eating the same foods each day. We tend to eat the foods we like. While this is easy and makes grocery shopping and preparation simpler, it doesn’t necessarily ensure you’re getting great diversity in your food. In order to take advantage of all of the vital nutrients including vitamins and minerals means mixing it up a bit.

4 Healthy On the Go Breakfast Ideas

Most people are living in busy, hectic times. Healthy meals are sometimes hard to come by because preparation time takes too long. These four breakfast ideas are easy to prepare, portion controlled (if you so desire) and can be taken on the go!

Vitamin K Deficiency

Vitamin K is a vitamin that acts in the liver to form prothrombin that acts as a clotting agent in the blood. A deficiency of Vitamin K causes a condition called, “hypoprothombinemia”. This deficiency can cause defective coagulation of the blood that can result in hemorrhage

Health Benefits of Drinking Peach Juice

Peach is an amazing juicy fruit that is loved by millions of people around the world. It is low in calories and has a great aroma which is valued for its rich chemical content. It has numerous health benefits as it contains various nutrients and vitamins.

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