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Food Combining – What Is It and Will It Improve Health?

Combining your food in the right way for better health and improved digestion has been around a long time. It has been proven to work, by easing existing digestive problems and preventing new disorders from beginning.

Are Energy Drinks Better Than Water?

Find out if energy drinks are better for you than water. Does it matter if you are trying to lose weight, if you are running a marathon, etc.?

Benefits of Alkaline Meals

Although people are aware that eating right helps the body stay healthy and young, most people do not know which diet plan can help them achieve a healthy body. Alkaline meals are considered to be the best way to stay healthy since these meals regulate the body’s PH and improve various functions of the body such as digestion rate and metabolic rate. The following paragraphs will elaborate on some of the benefits of opting for an alkaline diet.

Alkalize Your Body in 3 Easy Steps

If you want to alkalize your body then chances are that you have many questions such as; what steps do I have to follow to achieve my goal and how do I choose the correct diet plan to get fast results. Listed below are answers to questions you may have regarding choosing a diet to alkalize your body and how to regulate the PH of your body by following 3 easy steps.

4 Things Everyone Must Know About Alkalizing Diet Plans

Most people who have heard about alkalizing diet plans through friends or through the internet may not believe the many benefits offered by eating raw foods and certain natural foods mainly because it seems unlikely that a single diet plan can provide over 10 benefits. However, people who have tried this diet often vouch for using natural food items especially after they have noticed various health benefits such as clearer skin and a better metabolic rate. Listed below are four things, everyone should know about before they decide to try these diet plans.

Improve Your Life Through Better Nutrition

Your body requires numerous vitamins and minerals daily in certain levels to function properly, the government has set daily recommendations for these (RDA) which is the average for most people. These needs can be met through your eating habits or by being supplemented.

Holidays, Gorging, and Stacking Up Your Plate

You need strategies to prevent you from overeating during the holidays. Here are 9 tips you can implement that will empower you to get through the holiday season without bingeing. The season is all about family and friends, your typical weight gain is your choice.

Periodised Fuelling For Athletes

I wanted to address two important nutritional factors that affect our training. Training SMART is often suggested for the busy athlete who wants to achieve success. By setting specific, measurable, achievable and time bound targets and applying the principles of specificity to our workouts we keep our bodies recovering and adapting for performance.

Top 3 High Fiber Foods To Eat

The three fiber-rich food groups to incorporate into your daily diet and nutrition plan. Addition to the health benefits, there are all sorts of nutritional benefits to these fiber-rich foods. And it’s easier than you think to get started incorporating them into your daily meal plan.

Why Is Organic Food Better Than Non-Organic?

There’s a number of advantages to organic food, and everybody has to put those into their own needs and their own frame of reference. Sometimes we have to find out why it’s personally valuable to us to consider that organic foods have the value that offsets the additional cost that we have to pay for them. The food that we take into our body is always broken down into nutrients or little particles, and those could all be classified as one of three things: they’re either building blocks or fuel, or something that can be converted…

Healthy Breakfast Cereals For Beauty

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You start the day by quite literally breaking your fast and hence the word ‘Breakfast’. However it’s not that easy for those who want a gluten free cereal.

Looking to Drop Fat? Block the Insulin Response!

If you’ve read my articles before – you may be realising now that I am an avid believer in nutrition and how hard it is to out train a bad diet. I also believe the type of food you put down your gullet is also far, far more important than the amount of food you put down your neck i.e. I would rather eat 3000 calories per day of decent sources of fat and protein and carbs, rather than undereat my daily calorie allowance with mainly sugars and carbs.

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