How Our Nutrition Affects The Way We Spend Time With Our Kids

Can you survive a day in the park with the kids? Can you handle the demanding physical exercise? Can you keep up or will you collapse after two minutes, grasping for breath? Did you ever stop end wonder what happens to your once athletic soul? Maybe it has something to do with what you eat.

Ditch the Diet Resolutions and Go Deeper

Today I want to share with you a conversation I had with a friend over the weekend… My friend wanted my advice in regards to some new trendy diets that came up this year, and she was curious to know my opinion about them. Several years ago, I would definitely have had the same questions, as I was obsessed with starting a new program or diet as the New Year arrived. Today, I am deeply grateful to say that my story is very different.

7 Tips for Preventing the Flu Naturally

Preventing the flu really shouldn’t be so hard, but why is it such a problem here in the United States? It seems that every winter, serious cases of the flu, and even colds, are rampant.

3 Popular Nuts With Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Heart Health

Cholesterol level is an indicator of heart disease risk. I came to offer healthy snack ideas for heart health to focus on reducing cholesterol.

Good Health Through Good Nutrition in Children

Childhood is the time that children needs adequate nutrition for the different body processes. Extra nutrients make sure that children do not become vulnerable to any deficiency diseases. However, it is worth remembering that no supplement can take the place of a varied, wholesome and balanced diet.

Want To Eat Some Poison? Try Some High Fructose Corn Syrup

The public has shown a propensity to eat a lot of processed foods, mainly due to the convenience factor. Processed foods are convenient to prepare but have very little nutritional value. Why? Because they are loaded with unhealthy ingredients like Sodium Benzoate and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Let’s take a look at High Fructose Corn Syrup. Why? Because it’s in a multitude of products ranging from bread to pastry and everything in-between. The processed food industry has attempted to promote Fructose as a holistic, wholesome sugar emanating from natural botanical sources. Modern scientific research, however, has come up with an entirely different evaluation of this additive and it’s not good.

How To Make a Nutritious Meal

If you made a New Year’s Resolution about cooking nutritious meals this year you may be wondering how to fulfill it. There’s a lot more to cooking than rattling the pots and pans.

Fulvic Acid and Its Amazing Health Benefits

If you are able to grow some of your own foods or have access to organically grown products, by all means do what you can there. If, however, like most of us, you probably don’t eat a perfect diet, and very little of it is organically grown, I believe it is very important that you consider supplementing with fulvic acid.

Cooking Oil That Fits

Oil is one of the essential ingredient in cooking process. Varieties of oils are available in the market these days. Choosing the right kind of cooking oil holds vital importance as it directly affects our health.

Days Off From Workouts and Sugar Addiction (Starring Everyone Else’s Wisdom!)

Do you find yourself looking for days off from your workouts or your nutrition plan? A good alternative perspective is essential. This article offers several inspiring quotations to help you.

The Benefits Oyster Extract For Men

It is important for males to improve their health. So, it is best to look for food items that can provide them with the right nutrients they need.

Waist-Watching? Add Soup, Whole Grains and Citrus

As we start the New Year, I’ve had a ton of questions from my clients focusing on their interest in giving a jumpstart to their healthy lifestyle goals. I’ve had questions on the Green cleanse, shapely shakes, citrus cleanse, green tea diet, food lovers cleanse, and more. My response to those inquiries is consistent with my mantra-“for better health all things in moderation; there is not one food that is all good or all bad for you.”

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