This 30-Minute Energizing Dance Workout Will Jump-Start Your Morning

Fight Free Radicals And More With These 5 Phenolic Compound Benefits

If you are into healthy eating then you have probably heard all about the importance of vitamins and minerals for good health. But what about the phenolic compounds? These health boosting nutrients do not receive nearly as much praise as the vitamins and minerals but have a wide range of positive effects. In this article I will be helping you learn more about these natural nutrients and discussing 5 of the main phenolic compound benefits.

Drinking Organic Whey Protein Regularly to Get the Health Benefits

Protein supplements made from organic whey protein can offer numerous health benefits. The body primarily uses these benefits to develop lean muscles and recuperate faster.

Great Healthy Snack Ideas

If there is one thing you should know about dieting, and that is not to starve yourself. If you can control your hunger and develop a healthy food regimen, it should help you to stay fit. If you get very hungry, and the urge to overeat kicks in, it is helpful to always carry healthy snacks with you.

Mineral Rich Healing Bone Broth

Mineral rich bone broth is very healing to the gut and helped heal my son CJ from autism, colitis and Crohn’s. Learn about the benefits and how to make your own Bone Broth!

5 No-Fail Vegetarian Diet Plan Ideas

Some of the facts about healthy eating that we need to know (or already know) are usually neglected in our daily lives. Eating is a very indispensable part of everyday life and we are constantly planning about the next meal while we are not yet eating. With eating being such a default part of life, most of us fail to concentrate on what we eat.

A Fruity Winter

The winters approach steadily and besides the rain, snow and cold weather, nature also brings other things to offer us – winter fruits. It is often said by experts and dieticians that we should eat and enjoy the season’s fruit that the current season has to offer. Here, let’s talk about the fruits that this season has to offer us and also what good it will bring to our bodies for consuming it.

Have You Tried An Elimination Diet?

Do you feel bloated after consuming dairy? Do you get headaches after eating nuts? What happens after gluten? Try an elimination diet, keep a food journal and see if you notice any positive changes.

Probiotics Information

Essentially, people use probiotics to boost their immune system and to improve their digestive function. Good bacteria play an important role in human health. Apart from helping us fully digest food, good bacteria also help control bad bacteria in the digestive tract.

3 Diet Tips On How To Get A Flat Stomach

As a fitness trainer, I often get asked how to get a flat stomach. Having sexy abs is probably one of the most desired body parts by many, yet one of the most difficult to achieve. Unfortunately, doing a thousand crunches a day is just not going to cut it when trying to get a flat stomach. Diet is as important, if not more important, for leaning out your midsection. So if you’re trying to flatten up that tummy follow these easy diet tips to start noticing some major differences in your abs.

Super Foods to Help You Manage Menopause

Adding these super foods listed below in your diet can help reduce the symptoms associated with menopause. Some of these super foods include tofu, navy beans, yogurt, blueberries and avocados. They can help maintain your memory power, prevent osteoporosis, decrease hot flashes, keep you regular, and fight the signs of aging. These super foods are also delicious to consume, easy to prepare, and excellent for your health.

Coconut Oil – Health Benefits

Coconut oil has been steadily gaining popularity over the last number of years, and with good reason. It contains many health benefits from boosting the immune system, increasing mineral absorption, anti-aging effects and most interesting stimulating the metabolism aiding weight loss! Sounds good doesn’t it.

Learning 3 Ways How Spinach Can Make You More Special Then You Already Are

While everyone is special, you can make yourself supernaturally special with spinach! Learn how to make yourself supernaturally special by using spinach 3 ways that will make your health, and vitality blossom!

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