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Stress Relief – The Power of Good Nutrition

Nutrition In times of stress, food becomes the automatic go-to source for natural stress relief for many. Indeed, certain foods induce a calm and relaxed state as well as a greater sense of personal control during stressful situations. It seems that when stress levels rise, the willpower to avoid comfort foods falls by the wayside. In short, eating can make us feel good when we’re feeling bad! It’s no surprise our body tells to us to go for the mac n’ cheese and bread and sweets, etc. Good nutrition is a much better (and of course, healthier) way to combat stress. When the body and mind are fed correctly, you’re much more resilient to the daily challenges of life.

Do Almonds Really Help Lower Your Cholesterol?

Nuts are high in fat, so it seems counter intuitive that eating a handful of roasted almonds could lead to lower cholesterol levels, but according to a study authored by Dr. David J.A. Jenkins at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, eating almonds daily positively affects the lipid levels in your blood and can reduce your cholesterol levels by up to 10%. Dr. Jenkins’ study isn’t the only one to show the heart healthy benefits of almonds; studies conducted by medical communities across the globe, from the WHO to the Physicians Health Study recommend eating more almonds to maintain safe cholesterol levels. This is welcome news for those who are either at risk for heart disease or just want to keep heart healthy and relish the opportunity to indulge in nutty treats.

Healthy Moms Make Healthy Babies

Healthy babies begin even before babies begin…before conception. It’s no secret; pregnancy adds a whole new dimension and need for excellent nutrition. You’ve been told to eat well, exercise and take your vitamins, but what does eating well really mean? And what vitamins are the best for you?

How To Get Toned Abs – Good Nutrition Means Great Abs

It is a well known fact that having good nutrition is one of the most important things in people’s lives. There are many benefits of having good nutrition, one of which is good health. Also, having healthy eating habits can help us stay in good shape and feel really good about ourselves.

Holy Basil: The Rest of the Story

If stress has your number, and you’re looking for solutions, here’s one that might work–or may make things worse. And it depends on something you probably don’t know.

Increase Your Health With Easily Digestible Food

Our intestinal tract is an amazing piece of work, if this coiled muscular tube was to be stretched out from end to end, starting from the mouth all the way to the anus, it would measure about 30 feet. The many functions that go on every time we eat something is truly amazing, complex and can be stressful and hard on our body. That’s why anytime we can eat easily digestible food we’re doing ourselves a big favor.

20 Fruit and Veggie Juices to Turbo-Charge Your Energy

Feeling washed out and a bit low on energy? A sure-fire way to get a boost and feel on top form is to get juicing. Try these tips for getting the best out of your vegetable juices.

How Different Astaxanthin Uses Can Boost Your Health and Happiness

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of fish oil. Credited with reducing painful inflammation of the joints, lowering your cholesterol and even boosting your memory, this wonder oil is recommended by doctors everywhere. But you may not be familiar with astaxanthin uses.

Benefits of Avocado – An Avocado a Day Keeps the Doctors Away!

Avocado – a super fruit that has a host of health benefits to offer, besides being a great tasting addition to any meal. If you have not tried the avocado before, or don’t like eating it raw – here’s plenty of reasons to change your mind; you’re going to love it, whether you prefer Western or Eastern cuisine!

How Is Vitamin K Good for Nutrition?

If you’re asking how is vitamin k good for nutrition, than I hope to share with you some of the major reasons this vitamin can contribute to good health. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin which means that the body can store them in fat cells which is good because it’s easier for someone to get, however it can be easier for someone to overdose as well. There are only 4 fat soluble vitamins and they vitamin A,D,E and K. The K nutrient is somewhat special because it can help with blood clotting.

Not Eating Well? Follow These Tips To Get Back On Track Nutritionally

Want an idea on how to have good nutrition in your life? Make sure you have breakfast every day! Breakfast is necessary to maintain balance in your body and for it to produce the energy it needs to get through the day. It also makes you less likely to overeat later in the day and provides support for your brain and body to function.

Understand And Know More About Acid Reflux

A person may experience too much discomfort in acid reflux. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, as it is medically known, is a condition caused by the acid in the stomach to go up and enter the esophagus. Anatomically, stomach acid should not ascend to the esophagus. Otherwise, it causes pain and, if left untreated, may cause severe damage to the esophageal mucosa.

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