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Enriched Wheat Flour – Rich in Nothing!

Do you cook? Do you buy flour? See how one simple change to your shopping habits can add a whole wealth of nutritional benefits for you and your family.

How to Feed a Vegetarian

Perhaps you have found yourself in a situation where a vegetarian has entered your life and your ideas about what to feed them are limited. If vegetarianism is new to you, you may need some support in understanding what to feed them. On behalf of vegetarians everywhere, allow me to clear a few things up so that you don’t need to stress out if one is coming to your house for dinner. By the end of this article you will understand the types of vegetarians, some myths about vegetarians, and some easy methods of feeding them.

You Are Not What You Eat – You Are What You Absorb (I)

You are not what you eat! When you hear the saying ‘you are what you eat’ you need to remember that’s only true if you are digesting and absorbing your food. Otherwise you can be eating the best food, even sourcing specific foods for their nutritive value, but wasting a lot of time and money, because your digestive system isn’t delivering these nutrients to your blood stream.

Healthy Foods to Lower Cholesterol

This article touches on the subject of healthy eating. Just what kind of diets should we eat to reduce cholesterol levels within our bodies? The article sets out to elaborate on how one can plan healthy diets, not cut back on everything and still maintain acceptable cholesterol levels.

Omega Three Fish Oil Benefits For a Better Life

You have probably heard about the importance of fish oil for your health. According to scientific research, people who consume more fish are likely to live a healthy, active life, and there is less possibility for them to suffer from serious health diseases. Now it is time to have a look at the Omega three fish oil benefits, which will definitely help you in keeping your body in a fit state so that you can spend a healthy life.

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Sick in a hotel room on vacation. What could be worse? Sick in the bathroom in a Hotel on Vacation….. EEKKK!

Save Money With These Healthy Drinks

Consumers are looking for healthy drinks that provide essential nutrients; and do not cost hundreds of dollars every month. More and more products have emerged on the market to fill this consumer demand for healthy drinks, but unfortunately the prices are often prohibitive especially for families.

Intricacies of Dieting: Strategies That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

I know that when you hear about diets or dieting, you have tendency to cringe or feel sick to your stomach. Between you and me, i understand why. Diets do not work, diets makes you moody because of lack of food, lack of energy etc.. It doesn’t have to be this way. Make it fun. Hopefully this article will enlightened you and open your eyes to possibilities when it comes to your eating.

Fight Free Radicals With The Antioxidant Petunidin

Petunidin is a powerful anthocyanin and phytonutrient (a group of nutrients that are found in plants and can boost overall health but are not classed as essential nutrients in humans) which acts as an antioxidant and contributes to the health benefits of berries. In this article I will be discussing this anthocyanin in greater detail.

Nutrition in the Food We Eat

The nutritious food we chose to eat when trying to eat a healthy diet may not be as nutritious as we would wish. Despite that, vegetables are still a healthy choice and eating a good variety should be at the top of anyone’s list for maintaining a diet designed for optimum health.

Wellness Coaching – Your Brain Prefers Fat to Sugar

The brain occupies only five percent of our total body mass, but it requires at least 25 percent of our body’s energy supply to meet its high demands. Despite what many people think, the brain does not need glucose for its energy source. Instead, it prefers the energy units that are found in fat known as ketones.

The Many Benefits of Bitter Orange Concentrate

Bitter orange contains a sophisticated chemical composition. Of great value is the essential oil that may be obtained from the rind of bitter orange. This specific oils presents bitter orange a solid odour and quality which is applied as a solution for various medical problems. The rind is made up of alkaloids including synephrine, a substance useful for weight-loss; octopamine, a neurotransmitter crucial to studying; N-methyltyramine along with carotenoids.

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