Stored Body Fat

It is possible to lose your “fat bank” of stored body fat in a variety of ways, and there are several factors involved, as well.

In order to retain your current weight, you will need to invest a great deal of time, money and effort, and many people will not be willing to take on all of the risk involved.

Let us look at a few different ways you can get in shape this week without spending a lot of money, and without taking on any huge, long term financial obligations.

1) Your normal work week would consist of working two days, Monday through Friday, and taking a day off on the weekend. This is about as economical as it gets.
2) An alternate day of work and play week would be to take only Wednesday off, and schedule your leisure activities so that they occur on that day and on that week. You could have a little bit of exercise and sports on that Wednesday, and you could have some work out, and a little bit of leisure.
3) On the weekend, you could take a few days off work and spend a day or two in the sun. Then return to your regular work week.
4) A more creative, yet economical solution is to take a few days off during the week. Take a week at the end of the month, or the beginning of the next, and leave your office at the end of that week. Go enjoy some of the traditional American summer recreation, such as visiting the beach or a park, or taking a nice long hike. While you are gone, your employer does not recognize your absence and so there is no salary withheld or paid. You could work on the weekend but, again, you will not receive your usual pay check.
5) The simplest solution is to simply not eat during the work week. If you can avoid the on the week, it can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

6) The next most economical solution is to take as many vacation days as you need to achieve your goal. There are two types of vacation days. Vacation days are those days you voluntarily suspend your normal work schedule and personal life for a portion of the week, such as for a wedding. The day before or the day after a wedding.

Other times you take paid vacation days are the months when you have the traditional bank holidays, for instance. Christmas, Easter and Victoria Day. If you do not have bank holidays in those months, your employer may automatically provide these days off.

In your own workplace, you could voluntarily call off work for the duration of the vacation day. An example would be when a family member passes away. Or, you could choose to have a week long vacation, in order to have some more time to focus on personal interests.

The bottom line is, the more economical your vacation days, the better your savings and retirement account balance. And the more savings and retirement a balance you have, the better your ability to deal with financial challenges.

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