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Foods That Boost Your Moods

Someone may not recognize it, but their carbohydrate cravings may actually be her body’s way of helping her to feel happier. In the past two decades, a number of studies have confirmed a link between certain foods and our ability to feel more alert, calm, and even upbeat.

Eat This Not That!

So… You bought a juicer! WHY? Buying a juicer offers a variety of fruit and vegetable juice options As well as nut-butters and baby food. Freshly squeezed juices are a healthful addition to your diet. Although, there are many advantages to juicing over eating whole vegetables, whole vegetables do provide different nutritional value overall because they do contain the fiber that you lose in the pulp.

Top 10 Food Substitutions for the Holidays

Let me make this easy on you. You know that you should be eating healthy, and you know that healthy eating will make you feel better. You just don’t know how to do it – especially this time of year when there aren’t a lot of healthy options to choose from. Well, here are 10 simple food substitutions that you can make this holiday season, to help you feel better about the food you are eating and the way you are treating your body.

Consumption Of Eggs And Health

Eggs, like any other food, have their good and bad sides. Generally speaking, egg is a valuable food, but it is important how we eat and how we prepare them. Therefore, it is always good to have in mind advices concerning the consumption of eggs and their effects on health.

Why You Should Avoid Dieting – There Is a Better Approach

If you are looking for an effective way to lose weight, then you will most likely come across various diets that many people swear by. However, before you think about going on any diet, there are a few factors that you need to consider.

The Cholesterol Paradox

We hear a lot of scary talk about cholesterol. Now let’s talk some truth, because trying to avoid cholesterol is hard on our health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

GMOs continue to be a topic of much debate. Many people who follow healthy eating are beginning to see their effects both positive and negative.

Frequently Asked Questions About Organic Foods

Organic foods are an important consideration when it comes to healthy eating. The organic foods movement is growing yearly.

Common Digestive Problems And What You Can Do To Ease Them

Digestive problems are becoming more common all the time, which is good for the pill makers, but not so good for those who suffer from one or more of these common digestive disorders. This article attempts to lead the reader to natural solutions without side effects.

Portion Control May Be Keeping You Fat

Portion control MAY be keeping you fat. It may be the culprit actually standing in the way of your dreams and goals of having a healthy and fit body.

Vitamins – What Supplement Companies Don’t Want You To Know Pt 1

When I was a little Hulkster, I remember Hulk Hogan telling me via his audio cassette that came with my Hulkimaniac weight lifting set (complete with a poster with Hulk Hogan doing the exercises, and 2 blue 3lb weights) that I needed to work hard, take my vitamins, and say my prayers. So of course I did that. I took my Flintstones vitamins every day, then graduated to Centrum as an adolescent.

Four Important Barley Grass Benefits

Barley grass has been used by people since many centuries mainly because this grass has a high nutritional value. Due to the many benefits offered by barley grass, nutritional experts have begun encouraging people to consume small quantities of this nutritional grass. Listed below are four important barley grass benefits and how this grass can help you achieve a healthier body.

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