The Detoxifying Properties of Wheatgrass

Dr. Ann Wigmore, the founder of the Hippocrates Institute and developer of the Living Foods Lifestyle, introduced wheatgrass to the world over 40 years ago. Her research showed that proper nutrition and toxin elimination promotes the elimination of dis-ease!

Immune Superheroes: 10 Superfoods to Boost Your Immunity

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Learn what you can do today to improve the health of your immune system and reduce the frequency, severity, and length of colds, viruses and the flu.

For the Love of Fat

Fat can be healthy for us. We should choose the healthy fats and the natural fats. Read more on where to find them and what they do for us.

You Say Tomato, I Say To-Mah-To – However Said We All Love Them! Now Here’s How to Get Them

You know you love tomatoes. You love them in your pasta sauce, you love them in your salads, in your salsa and tomato sandwiches!

Four Things To Do To Stay On Your Diet and Lose More Weight

Starting a diet is easy. Staying on a diet is hard. This article will give you some tips to help you stay on your diet.

Ten Top Antioxidant Foods

Antioxidant foods can protect against heart disease and cancer, high blood pressure and the effects of ageing. They also help prevent inflammation and enhance immune function and are vital for our well being.

Learn the Value of Determining the Exact Protein Supplement to Develop Muscles

Definitely, the market presents numerous protein supplements that come from natural whey. These products can help countless of fitness enthusiasts to build a stronger body structure if they choose the best supplement.

Is Gluten-Free for Me?

For some, gluten is a poor meal choice. Thankfully, a majority of people can enjoy gluten with no adverse effects.

Smoothies for Better Health

When it comes to our diet, smoothies aren’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when we think about eating healthy. But I’m not talking about chocolate or vanilla smoothies… I’m talking about an all natural, extremely healthy smoothie that is made from greens and other organic products.

Confused About Going Gluten Free? Learn More About What Foods To Choose

Why do so many people think that gluten free automatically means healthy? Wondering why so many things in your local supermarket are now labelled as gluten free? Gluten has actually been in our food supply for thousands of years.

Healthy Halloween Trick or Treat Tips

It is possible to stay healthy while trick or treating on Halloween. These tips will show you how to have fun with your kids while staying healthy.

Health Benefits of Natto Polypeptide

Natto is a form of fermented soybeans. It has long been recognized as a unique health food because it is highly nutritious and rich in protein. During the fermentation process a beneficial bacteria, Bacillus natto, is added to the soybeans. Not only does this enhance the nutritional benefit but also is responsible for the unique flavor and texture. When the bacteria break up the soy protein it creates a natto polypeptide chain which is a natural enzyme known as Nattokinase.

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