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Healthy Alternatives to Fast Food

Eating fast food can be made healthier by choosing food items with low calories and less fat content. Learn the nutritional facts of your favorite fast food meal and start eating right. You don’t really have to starve yourself to stay healthy. You just have to learn which food to eat.

Would You Like to Know How to Improve Brain Function?

Do you know which widely available and inexpensive root vegetable has been shown to support the growth of neurons in the brain? Answer: the humble Sweet Potato (also known as Yam or Kumara). But how do you include it your diet?

Eating Healthy to Avoid Medical Bills

Often times people think eating healthy costs more but what if someone told you eating healthy could save you money? Would you change your eating habits to be healthy and have more cash?

Trifecta of Terror – Foods That Kill Part 1

Foods that Kill is not a silly euphemism to attract attention. In this series on foods that can cause terrible havoc on our bodies, we will talk about food additives that are commonplace in the food we eat daily.

Maintaining Nutrient Content in Vegetables

It is critical for vegetarians, especially to keep the nutrients locked inside your food. Nearly all vegetarian recipes call for fresh fruit and vegetables, and for good reason. Nutrients escape in more ways than you might think, so you must take care to keep your food as fresh as possible. Here are some of the steps you’ll want to take.

Top 6 Tips for Student Health

You cannot deny the great feeling of independence you get from living away from home for the first time. For a lot of students (especially ‘freshers’) this often means shopping and cooking for yourself for the first time. Furthermore, healthy eating is usually the last thing on your mind with Pot Noodles, beans on toast and the usual take-away chains all providing unhealthy but cheap options. Add excess alcohol and lack of sleep to this equation and you have a health recipe for disaster!

Unhealthy Weight Loss Methods

Many individuals have fallen victim to the quick weight loss promises of crash diets. One popular diet requires skipping meals and just drinking juice or mineral water. However, these diets are a very unhealthy way to lose weight because you literally starve your body of essential nutrients.

Substitutes for Different Kinds of Wheat-Free Cakes

Some people are by nature wheat intolerant. Some studies have found that some wheat flour substitutes are much better compared to wheat when it comes to nutritive qualities. As for an example, Millet is regarded as the easiest to digest among all the grains.

Need Help Getting Rid of Belly Fat? Try High Alkaline Foods

If you’re interested in getting rid of belly fat fast, consider adding more high alkaline foods to your daily diet plan. When you consider that much of our diets today are made up of a larger percentage of acid forming foods, incorporating some foods high in alkaline makes sense from both a weight loss and health perspective. Foods like broccoli, garlic, sprouts and other green leafy vegetables, consumed in their most natural state, are typically considered to be the best foods to consume in order to create a more alkaline state in the body.

5 Lesser Known Ways To Reduce Water Retention

Interestingly, when I was recently researching effective ways to reduce water retention and water weight for women, I wasn’t prepared to be as surprised as I was with the answers and advise I received from various health professionals on the topic. Many women complain about carrying excess water weight especially during certain times of their monthly menstrual cycles and anyone who has actually experienced the uncomfortable feeling of retaining water can tell you it’s not very much fun. Your body actually feels (and sometimes looks) as though it’s almost doubled in size and your…

Sports Nutrition FAQ

Many times athletes stall in the progress of their particular sport. Many times, the cause is in not being able to satisfy their nutritional needs. Once they start eating better and using effective supplements, they can start to improve.

Exercise and Hydration: Fill ‘Er Up

Most people do not know how important proper hydration is for exercising. During or after exercise, if you suffer from muscle cramps, headaches or sluggishness, you may be under hydrated.

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