Lengthen and Tone Your Body With This No-Equipment 20-Minute Workout

Buying Healthy Food

Much like anything else, buying healthy food needs to be carefully planned and thought of. You don’t wake up one day and just decide to buy a new car or a new house, right? There should be plan. You might wake up one day wanting to own a new car or house, but there are a lot of things to consider.

How to Make Healthy Foods

Most people are baffled on how to make healthy foods part of their diet. As “baffling” as it may seem, making healthy foods need not be complicated or expensive. You don’t even have to go out of your way to purchase ingredients in order to make a “healthy” lunch or meal.

Eating Clean Food List

Eating clean is unheard of ’til recently. Eating clean is now becoming a household word just like going green or eco-friendly.

Rider’s Nutrition: Is Your Horse Better Nourished Than You Are? Part 1

As serious riders, you understand the role nutrition plays in improving performance. After all, your horse’s mineral and vitamin status as well as gut function are often monitored to ensure optimal performance. As the controller of your horse’s every move, what have you done about your own nutritional status? Your state of mind, mental focus and alertness, coordination and physical strength are all affected by what you eat and drink. Isn’t it about time you gave your nutrition the attention it deserves?

The Health Benefits Of Goat’s Milk Versus Cow’s Milk

While goat’s milk isn’t a popular choice in America, the health benefits are simply too great to ignore. Perhaps part of the problem stems from the fact that few people grew up drinking this variety, or have simply never seen it in stores. No matter what the reason, everyone should give this different variety of milk a chance because of the great health benefits it can offer.

Push Yourself to Choose a Diet That Lowers Cholesterol for a Healthier You

Cholesterol is a fatty and waxy substance produced by the liver and found in the blood stream. It can also be found in food from animals. Too much cholesterol in the body can have ill effects on the heart and these include angina or failure of the heart to take in enough oxygen due to a build-up of plaque in the arteries of the heart, irregular heart rhythm, heart attack, stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Creative Solutions To Your Health: Diet

A few extra minutes can go a long way for your diet. Learn how to use creativity to make time for your diet – even in today’s mile-a-minute society.

Food Nutrition Management – The Key to Long Term Weight Loss

Have you been having problems losing weight even though you have ramped up your activity levels considerably? Weight loss only happens if you make necessary changes in your diet in order to complement the exercises you do. Food nutrition management is a complex subject because you have to do more than reduce your overall food intake. You should know exactly which kinds of foods you should eat and how much you should consume every day.

An Explanation Of Why Your Digestive Track Needs Natural Foods

If you want to be healthy then you need a healthy gut and a healthy gut needs good quality natural foods. In order to fully understand the importance of eating the right food you need to have a basic understanding of how you digest your food.

Why Should I Not Drink That Cup of Coffee?

So you work long hours? Have to balance work, home, kids, and social life – busy schedule. You could do with some time out maybe but not right now as you have a deadline at 9am tomorrow.

Hydration Sports Drink Is Critical Factor for Success in Most Sports and Fitness Activities

Proper sports nutrition is as important as the workout itself and there are natural supplements that are important before, during and after your workout. And as you may know, HYDRATION during the workout is critical.

What Is Olive Oil?

This is a description of olive oil and its importance to the Mediterranean region. It discusses the benefits of olive oil including positive health properties. There is a brief description of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and why it is better and more sought after than regular olive oil or other oils. To end the article, we discuss a few ways to use olive oil in place of butter and other fats.

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