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Probiotics And Prebiotics: How Can You Make Them Work Together to Power Up Your Health?

You’ve heard of probiotics, but have you heard of prebiotics? With this article you can find out what they are, learn what they do to enhance your health and find out which foods you can eat to get your daily recommended amount. Prebiotics help with weight loss, digestion, absorption of nutrients and more, so you won’t want to miss out.

Sugar Addiction and Cottonseed Oil? What’s the Connection?

Cottonseed oil is unhealthful for a number of reasons, and it’s found in many sugary foods, among others. If you eat those foods frequently, you could be consuming more of this oil than you realize. Find out the facts here.

Developing Systems for Controlled Release of Drugs on the Body

Capsules are drugs enclosed in a small container consumed in order to manipulate the properties of the drugs and medicines. it contains, to ensure a more even and controlled release of the chemicals in the human body.

Gluten and the Effect It Has on the Liver

Gluten, or the protein found in barley, wheat, rye and other grains is becoming known as a bigger factor in digestive issues in humans. It is now believed that as many as seven million people in the United States are affected by gluten, and because of its stealth nature it can be quite hard for us to control.

What You Should Know About Peanuts

There are a number of reasons to avoid peanuts, such as allergies, high omega-6s, phytic acid, lectins, galaco-ligosaccharides, and pesticides. But there is one more reason that peanuts may not be a health food.

Nutrition Timing

All facets of training whether you are a runner, triathlete, tennis player, crossfitter, or weekend warrior have a dependency on diet. As medical technology continues to increase the ability to test for different components of our blood, tissue and muscles the evolution of new diet trends will continue.

Get The Right Natural Supplements For Your Body

A lot of people take natural supplements to bridge the nutrition gap of their body, but the question arises here is that, are you taking the right supplements? The answer to this question lies in your body itself.

Do You Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables Every Day?

You may be the kind of person that loves their fruits and vegetables and you get the proper amount every day; at least you think you are. However, the majority of people do not get even half of the daily recommended servings. Here is some information that will hopefully help you make a more informed decision.

What Can You Do With A Degree In Nutrition?

Earning a degree focused in nutrition can have many potential career paths other than becoming a nutritionist. There are six main types of nutrition paths to choose from, including teaching nutrition, public health nutrition, nutrition consulting, clinical nutrition, food science, and food service management. Most nutrition jobs should fall within one of these categories.

Pre-Exercise Nutrition

Muscles require complex carbohydrates. Without an adequate and sustainable supply, muscles are unable to generate the energy needed to power through a workout. Eating a balanced diet (snack or meal) before exercising is vital for the strength needed to see an exercise session through to the end.

Burn Belly Fat With a Trans Fat?

Burn Belly Fat with a Trans Fat? How can that be?

3 Shocking Food Fallacies That You Must Know

This article will list 3 so called “healthy foods.” Then look at each in detail to break down their claim of being healthy.

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