Healthy Veggie Stew Recipe 🍲 Easy One Pot Meal

Food Visionaries Are Thinking of You

We all know what healthy food is — but you may not know how we got there. Frances Moore Lappe and Alice Waters kicked off the food revolution. Some great videos about Michael Pollan’s recent work bring things up to date.

Meal Prep Saves Time and Keeps You Eating In A Healthy Manner

Meal preparation essentially means you plan ahead of time what you are going to eat for that day, week, or even month. By having a definitive plan what will be on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you help prevent yourself from ever having to drive to get fast food, or order pizza to eat at home. Better yet, by having meals ready to cook, or leftovers that can be used the following day(s), you have complete control over everything that is set on your kitchen table.

Herbs and Homeopathic Supplements

Herbs or medicinal plants have been in use for thousands of years to treat various conditions including cold, fever, aches, cuts, injuries and allergies and so on. Plant extracts and minerals are used to make concoctions which are given in measured potencies to cure a medical condition.

Diet For Health And Fitness

Food can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison that can make or break our health. Selection of food definitely affects our health. We need to remember that there are no healthy or unhealthy foods – just healthy or unhealthy diets.

5 Tips to Keep You Eating Healthy All Day

One of the main reasons for weight gain is there is often too much food and drink entering the body – far more than is needed. If these extra calories are not burned off in some way through exercise and working out, then all that excess will simply find a place to settle somewhere on your body.

Sell Garcinia Cambogia With Custom Designed Private Label

When companies offer a program to purchase a product to resell, they do not always offer the option of having custom designed packaging along with it. This is possible with a Garcinia Cambogia private label.

Consider Using Deer Antler Velvet Extract Along With a Healthy Lifestyle

With all of the available supplements, it is hard to know what one is going to be the best one for a person to take. They do not know how much to take either.

Deer Antler Extract Suppliers Offer Products With Many Health Benefits

There are a lot of options when people are choosing supplements and other things to boost their health. They want to be as healthy as they possibly can be.

Why Gluten Free All of a Sudden?

Many people have wondered, “What’s the deal with gluten free. Why Gluten Free all of a sudden”. Did everyone get some infection, and now they’re all gluten free? The answer I believe, is a little involved. For one, not everyone who benefits from gluten free, has celiac disease. And therefore, there are a range of symptoms and reactions, some subtle, some not so subtle. So people may have had this problem in the past, just not been aware of it. That is to say, they had symptoms, but no clue as to the origin of symptoms. Or, sometimes people have symptoms of something, but they just assume that’s part of life, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

What Is Vitamin A? And How Can I Get It Safely?

Do you know what vitamin A is? Even more importantly, did you know there’s a safe way and a risky way to get this important nutrient? Holistic physician Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, MD, explains exactly why you need more vitamin A and the best way to get it.

Why Getting More Sunshine Is Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Getting out in the sun has been demonized by our present day society. Kids are now being taught at an early age to block the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays. All of us have been programmed into using tons of sunscreens to prevent the sun from hitting our skin and to keep slathering it on throughout the day when we’re out in it. But is getting sun really as dangerous as health experts claim it is?

Digestive Considerations

The digestive system plays an important role in our health. It has been said that the digestive system is “one of the major interfaces between our inner world and outer world”. Examples include the knot in the stomach when extreme upset arises or the butterflies in the stomach when nervousness appears. Both are reflections of the outer environment being expressed through the digestive system. Our good or bad health can be an accumulation of the quality, quantity and speed at which we eat our food. The cells of the body depend on efficient digestion that is robust in nutrients for energy and well-being.

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