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Does Fat Make You Fat?

To some of you the answer is obvious. Unfortunately the obvious answer to many is Yes, while the ‘obvious’ answer to others is No. After reading many books on the subject, I think the answer is “it depends”.

A Good Diet

A good diet is just as essential in the summertime as in the winter months. Good nutrition is one of our most important factors in the achievement and maintenance of good health. How much you expend, rather than the hot weather, determines whether you need more or less food in the summertime. The widely-held view that the body needs less food during summer weather only applies if the person slows down or is less active, but summertime brings increased activity for many who are on the go with sports, gardening and other outdoor work. For these, more instead of fewer calories may be required.

Benefits of Sauerkraut and Cabbage

Sauerkraut is a naturally fermented food that carries many nutrients and probiotics to help support the digestive system. If you feel bloated or you want to lose weight, then the probiotics found in sauerkraut will help.

A Guide to Fat-Burning Foods

Scientists might be working on this somewhere, but to this point there are no foods that exist that will actually attack the fat that is already in your body. Sorry to break the news! However, there are plenty of foods that can give you a lot of help as you seek to get rid of fat.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Attain and Maintain Your Ideal Weight

How long have you been trying to lose weight? Have you lost the weight perhaps quickly, only to gain it back within a very short time? Have you gone on very strict diets or fad diets that come out today only to fizzle out tomorrow? Let me tell you what the first thing for you to do is…

The Benefits of Greek Yogurt You Probably Never Knew

You’ve probably heard a lot of about Greek yogurt lately. Over the past few years, we’ve learned a lot of health benefits of Greek yogurt. Benefits you’re probably never knew.

What Makes Natural Protein Powder Different From Others?

Natural Protein powder offers whey protein in its original and bio-avaibility form of whey isolate. Whey protein isolate is 100% natural, made from advanced micro filtration process, get pure amino acids and leave behind the fat and Cholesterol. Natural Protein powder is made with only 100% natural whey protein isolate with the pure form of sugar which is called “stevia” to put more sweetness without any side effects and in many forms.

Resveratrol Supplements – Finding The Right Dose For You

There is a lot of talk about resveratrol, the benefits, the side effects, and what the correct dose is. Find out if resveratrol might be right for you, and what you should be looking for in a resveratrol supplement.

Difference Between Good Fat and Bad Fat

Contrary to what some people believe there is a difference between good fat and bad fat. When you hear the word fat what images form in your mind? I’ll bet you dollars for donuts that the initial first images where more destructive. The reason for this is because fat is more of a buzzword for being overweight.

Prebiotics To Help Lipid Metabolism

Lipid metabolism is actually a complicated process that involves the oxidization of fatty acids and is connected to the metabolism of carbohydrates. We won’t get into a scientific paper here, but we’ll show the connection with prebiotics and lipid metabolism.

Why Do I Have To Eat 5x Per Day?

Having a hard time losing weight even though you only eat once a day? You’re not alone; most people who only eat one time per day are overweight. You’re body was made to graze throughout the day, not eat one big meal after starving all day.

Try Legumes As Your Source For Prebiotics

We’re starting to see more commercially processed foods with added prebiotics as a selling feature. It’s pretty crazy if you stop to think about that for a second. Take a package of breakfast cereal. It’s been processed, meaning most of the natural fibers and other nutrients have been removed, and now they add prebiotics, which are fibers. Add to that the refined sugars virtual every packaged cereal contains along with chemicals to preserve it, we’re better off getting our prebiotics from natural sources.

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