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Muscle Vs Fat – Which Weighs More?

It is a common interpretation that there is no difference between the weight of muscle and the weight of fat. Although it obviously true that 1 kg of muscle weighs the same as 1 kg of fat (which holds true for any substance), the real difference is there comparative densities.

The Six Stages of Nutrition – Overview

The Six Stages of Nutrition will show you how to build your health, promote your weight loss, accelerate your fat loss and make you feel good. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to know what happens with your food in your body, and how to take advantage of this knowledge, you’ve found the right article.

Foods For Staying Young

There are a number of foods which are touted as being so called super foods which can provide amazing benefits. These are available for the everyday diet in one form or another. Some are of good value to enriching and prolonging one’s life.

Four Kinds of Fruits for People Who Always Stay Up Late

Because of the busy life and work, office workers always have to stay up late. It is unavoidably very harmful to the body. Then, is there any method that can relieve the harms caused by this?

Management of Nutrition Complications of Bariatric Surgery

Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States that continues to increase at alarming rates every year. Obesity is a life threatening disease and can potentially compromise the life of a person. Bariatric surgery, also known as weight-loss surgery is currently the most common and primary treatment for severely obese patients, resulting in permanent weight-loss and improvement of serious medical conditions associated with obesity.

Five Black Cherry Juice Benefits

The same chemical compound that causes the leaves of trees such as maples and sumacs among others to turn red in the autumn is also contained in the black cherry in high amounts. That compound is anthrocyanins. The anthrocyanins are actually present all the time in the leaves of many trees, it is just masked by the green of the chlorophyll.

Cabbage Juice Benefits That Have Been Shown To Be Effective

Cabbages and more specifically cabbage juice has a wide range of health benefits. In earlier times before the advent of modern supermarkets, cabbage was widely used by the poorer classes as a cure all for many conditions because it was easy to grow and inexpensive to purchase if you didn’t have a small garden in which to plant it.

Cranberries Juice Benefits Are Numerous

By this time everyone has heard that cranberry juice is what you need to take when you have a urinary tract infection. This is true and it is just one of the health benefits of drinking cranberry juice. Good things come in small packages and cranberries are no exception. For such a small berry they contain high amounts of a multitude of nutrients.

Health Benefits of Unpasteurized Honey

Most honey that is found in the grocery story has been heated, which decreases its healthiness and quality. Discover the health benefits of unpasteurized honey, and why it is better than pasteurized honey.

Improve Your Brain Health – Make Friends With Bacteria

Scientists are learning the positive benefits of peaceful co-existence with bacteria in our environment. Microorganisms even have an effect on your brain and behavior. Discover the latest scientific insights that will help you develop a healthy relationship with the microbial world around you…

Simple Budgeting Tips – How to Save on Groceries and Still Eat Healthy

With a little planning, choosing foods at the grocery store can be simplified while still saving money and keeping nutritional values up. Wise shopping is not just a matter of spending as little as you can. It means getting the most value for your money while keeping the health benefits of foods at center stage.

Juicing Information To Help You Get Started

The history of juicing can probably be traced back to the 1920s when research into the nutrients contained in foods was being determined, especially the value of raw foods. It was found that the juice of the fruit or vegetable actually held all the vitamin and mineral content. The pulp of the produce was also important for its fiber value to add bulk to our diets, but the nutrients were in the juice.

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