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Eating Healthy Lunches

Eating healthy lunches will greatly benefit your day! I’m sure most, if not all of us have heard of the saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper.” There is nothing wrong with this saying if you totally agree to what it has to say. But for me, I find this a bit twisted.

Rider’s Nutrition: Is Your Horse Better Nourished Than You Are? Part 2

As serious riders, you understand the role nutrition plays in improving performance. After all, your horse’s mineral and vitamin status as well as gut function are often monitored to ensure optimal performance. As the controller of your horse’s every move, what have you done about your own nutritional status? Your state of mind, mental focus and alertness, coordination and physical strength are all affected by what you eat and drink. Isn’t it about time you gave your nutrition the attention it deserves?

Probiotics For Your Health

Probiotics are generally good, and friendly organisms that are used to support the immune system. These Probiotics can be found everywhere within the body, as well as on the body, and all the body orifices. Probiotics can be found in foods that are regulated by the FDA as foods and not as drugs.

What’s the Difference: Refined Sugar Vs Honey

My husband likes to sweeten his coffee with Honey, I’ve always used sugar. It made me wonder what’s the difference?

What Is the Most Powerful Antioxidant?

There are many contenders in the natural world known for their incredible antioxidant properties. Here are some contenders to be crowned the most powerful antioxidant.

Bee Pollen Nutrition – How To Tell If Its 100% Pure Natural Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen has become a popular supplement. It’s very easy to find bee pollen that has contaminants or additives in them. But, if it is pure bee pollen it should smell earthy. If your pollen doesn’t smell like that you aren’t getting pure pollen. The pollen should look a little granular.

5 Snacks to Stop Feeding Your Kids!

After writing the list for the top five summer snacks that are healthy, I got to thinking.  What are some of the unhealthiest snack options for kids out there?  Since we already know that cookies, chips, and soda are not healthy for our kids, what about the less notorious items?

What Cholesterol Is and Its Overall Body Impact

In this article, Teresa Faulkner discusses what cholesterol is and the negative effects caused by its high level in the body. It puts an emphasis on the need to lower body cholesterol to achieve better health. We need to know what the most effective ways of lowering body cholesterol are. Bad body cholesterol has many negative impacts on our bodies. These include stroke, heart diseases and atherosclerosis.

6 Power Foods to Put Your Summer Energy on High

Many of us are more active in the summer. Need an extra boost of energy? Try adding one or more of these tasty and easy-to-use nutrition superfoods to your next menu!

Food For Thought – The Meat Production Process Is So Wasteful And Costly

One portion of meat contains only 20 grams of protein, whereas a typical 100-gram portion of beans yields 35 grams of protein. The meat, however, costs about 20 times more than the beans do. Being a vegetarian saves not only lives, but also money. The food energy supplied by meat production uses 10 times more fossil fuel than the food energy supplied by plant production. Given the current shortage of fossil fuels on the planet, meat production may soon become unaffordable.

Healthy Snack Foods: That’s Not an Oxymoron

Planning to meet the between-meal munchies can–and should!–be a part of your commitment to healthful eating. But don’t think “healthful” and “satisfying” can’t go together. Here are a few tasty, simple snack ideas that won’t compromise your nutrition and caloric goals.

Vegetarians Live Longer and Healthier Lives

Medical research has found that a properly balanced vegetarian diet may, in fact, be the healthiest diet. Those who include less meat in their diet also have fewer problems with cholesterol. The American National Institute of Health, in a study of 50,000 vegetarians, found that the vegetarians live longer and also have an impressively lower incidence of heart disease and a significantly lower rate of cancer than meat-eating Americans.

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