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The Art of Sports Nutrition Part 2

When we think of sports nutrition, we are often greeted by thoughts of the nutritional requirements for athletes and sports men and women. But is the nutrition that is required for a sports player that far amiss from that required for the normal individual? I would say yes, and no.

Essential Minerals and Vitamins

The health of a human being is dictated by the inherent genetic make-up of an individual and by the vitamins and minerals that are consumed.  As humans, we can do nothing to alter what we may have inherited genetically, but we strive to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Aside from proper exercise, we must also adapt a good diet of the essential minerals and vitamins that we may obtain from food.

You Are What You Eat, Good and Bad!

Nutrition has never been at the top of my priority list, in fact, you are more likely to catch me with a steak on my plate than a salad. When a friend recommended a documentary to me about the powers of natural healing, I was more than a little skeptical.

Top Herbs for Your Raw Food Prep

BASIL: To store: Store briefly in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Tastes good with/in: With its sweet, strong, spicy clove-like flavor, it is particularly good with tomatoes. Also pairs well with shiso leaf, parsley, rosemary, oregano, thyme, sage and saffron.

Herbalife Formula 3 Supports and Improves Absorption

Herbalife’s Formula 3, also known as Cell Activator, is one of the three core products in their basic nutrition and weight loss programs. The other two products are the meal replacement shake (Formula 1) and their multivitamin/multi-mineral (Formula 2). It supports and improves the assimilation and absorption of what are called “essential nutrients”, in other words the product helps the body to more easily and completely absorb and digest the food we eat.

Fight Childhood Obesity With Healthy Foods: Fruits and Vegetables Matter!

I want you to imagine a class of 25 twelve-year-old students. Study the class and you see children that could be future designers, editors, lawyers, and more. Now, in the U.S., classrooms like this all across the country have over 17 of the students with the beginning stages of hardening of the arteries!

The Importance of a Gallstone Diet for Improving the Gallbladder

A gallstone diet when followed is one of the most effective gallstone remedies. A gallstone diet is one of the best ways to help a person avoid the removal of their gallbladder through surgery.

All Natural Protein – You Must Read This Before You Buy

The key to healthy living is a balanced diet – that’s no shock. It’s becoming more and more known that the source of your diet is extremely important as well. People studied that eat a mainly Organic and/or All-Natural diet tend to live longer and healthier lives.

Vitamin A Overdose

The reason we have to be aware of Vitamin A overdose (aka. hypervitaminosis A) is because Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. This means that it gets stored in your body (mostly in your liver) so taking too much Vitamin A is something to be careful of. What exactly can happen if we take too much Vitamin A?

Maintaining an Active Metabolism and Its Benefits

Go ahead, eat! If it’s within your means, never let your stomach become famished. Eating healthily through out the day actually helps the body maintain the ideal weight per body type and height. Starving the body has the adverse effect.

7 Strategies To Eating Healthier For Less Money

Do you think that healthy foods are expensive? They can be if you do not have the right simple strategies in place! Here you will find the strategies to help you spend less while creating optimal health.

Good Nutrition And Exercise For Healthful Living – “You Are What You Eat”

It is my mission to motivate all my readers to see how necessary it is to remain active and vital so as to be able to enjoy your senior years. Starting an exercise program is the best gift you can give yourself. The important thing is that once you start your program, you must remain motivated to keep it up. Once you get into the swing of it, you won’t miss a day. If you do, and you feel guilty about it then you have reached the proper motivation. Remember too, the earlier you start exercising, the sooner you reap the rewards. Now that we know how important the exercise is, we have to discuss nutrition.

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