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About Bee Pollen – Vitamin B

When you are searching the internet you find a ton of information about bee pollen. Some of it is really informative and some of it you can tell was just there to hold the advertisement. You can learn everything about this amazing food from how to take it to where it comes from on the internet.

Nutrition Tips for Better Health

Nutrition plays a large role in your overall health, and you would do well to improve your nutrition habits in order to improve your general wellbeing. Improving your nutrition doesn’t mean going on a crash diet or changing your eating habits drastically, but it does mean making the healthy choice when it comes to meals.

Vitamin C For A Healthy Body

Vitamin C must be obtained through our diet because we are not able to produce it on our own. Citrus fruits, green veggies and berries are abundant in vitamin C. It is necessary for the normal growth of our bodies. It helps to form collagen and repairs tissues in the body. It is needed for the proper absorption of iron. It plays an important role with our immune system. It helps to heal wounds and maintains our teeth and bones. People that have extremely low levels of vitamin C are known to develop scurvy.

Water Dispenser Units – Is a Water Dispenser Worth the Cost?

As a Certified Nutritionist, one of the first recommendations I give clients is to remove all sodas, fruit juices and even flavored waters from their diets. Drinking clean and fresh water is important to improving one’s health. That’s why I usually recommend getting a good quality water dispenser that is free of heavy metals and leaching plastics.

How To Choose The Perfect Juicer for Delicious Vegetable Juice Recipes

Buying the right juicer can make all the difference if you want to make the most of your recipes for juicing vegetables. Some veggies can’t just be pushed into a normal domestic juicer, and require special equipment. Find out about how to buy the right juicer here.

Are Energy Strips The Next Big Thing?

Warren Struhl may have changed the face of “energy” supplements forever. From energy drinks to energy shots, Struhl’s new invention, the “oral energy strip,” is poised to take the world by storm in the next 3 to 5 years. The right-here-right-now instant energy deliverer is cheaper than energy shots, more delicious and convenient to take than vitamin capsules, which is why many believe that Warren Struhl may be sitting on a billion dollar industry.

Juicing Wheatgass

Wheatgrass is popular for its numerous healthy benefits and is often juiced to make it both consumable and palatable. The main advantage of wheatgrass over other vegetables is that it can be easily grown in your own home.

Carb Loading – Loading Up on Carbs for Your Big Sporting Event

Carb loading is a popular diet strategy used by most athletes in preparation for big sporting events. It is known to be beneficial to load the body up with good carbs and to eat a large meal with moderate consumption of protein source too; this is advised to be taken 12 to 18 hours before your sporting event. By eating plenty of carbs can cause your body to produce more ATP.

How to Still Eat Dairy With Lactose Intolerance

Milk and dairy products are often touted as some of nature’s perfect foods. They’re full of calcium, great for bone and teeth health, protein for muscle strength, B vitamins for energy, and fortified with Vitamin D for healthy bones and immune system. But many of my patients, and about 50 million other Americans, have a problem with lactose-a component of dairy.

Eating Healthy For Weight Loss – Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs

Love eating carbs but having trouble losing weight? This article will help you to get over that hurdle.

How To Get More Energy Naturally

It is important for a person to have enough energy to do more things. Somehow you may be feeling down and with low energy levels. This might be a one time thing or a common occurrence. There are however, some simple things that you can do to significantly increase the amount of energy you have.

Foods That Promote Digestive Health

If we look back far enough in time at what our ancient ancestors had as a daily diet, we would see two very different menus indeed! Not as far back as the cave dwellers perhaps but to where they were cultivating their own crops and had a good variety of foods that promote digestive health.

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