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Vitamin D Deficiency: It’s Real!

Vitamin D deficiency has been researched, discussed, refuted, and ultimately, recognized as a true health issue in the United States. A staggering number of Americans do not get enough vitamin D.

What Is The Most Perfect Food?

This most perfect food was used by the Mayan and Aztec civilizations hundreds of years ago as a complete endurance food for their warriors when they went off to battle. It has been used since by national healers in several countries to treat many illnesses even now.

Coconut: The Saturated Fat You Should Be Eating

Although the fat from coconut is considered to be saturated, it’s actually about 50 percent Lauric Acid in content, which is easily metabolized and absorbed by the body, and produces instant energy. This article discusses the benefits of coconut oil, water and meat, including its antibacterial and antifungal properties, weight loss and metabolic benefits.

Why Lower Body Cholesterol?

Lowering body cholesterol is important. High body cholesterol causes many health issues and it is vital to know what foods are best eaten to control it. Exercising and eating healthy nutritious foods is the best way to lower cholesterol.

Rider’s Nutrition: Is Your Horse Better Nourished Than You Are? Part 3

As serious riders, you understand the role nutrition plays in improving performance. After all, your horse’s mineral and vitamin status as well as gut function are often monitored to ensure optimal performance. Isn’t it about time you gave your nutrition the attention it deserves? In Part 1 we looked at the importance of hydration, for both you and your horse, and in Part 2 we discussed gut motility and adrenal stress. In this third part we will take a look at the importance of balancing blood sugar levels.

What Is Omega Three Oil Good For And What Health Benefits Will It Provide?

Listing of the Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements. Any known side effects and precautions necessary. Tips on what should be looked for in choice of product.

Stevia: The Best Natural Sweetener, or Just Another Fad?

Today, stevia-derived sweeteners are made by extracting certain elements from the herb and putting them into liquid or powdered form. Powdered stevia has incredibly high potency and can substitute for sugar, in much smaller amounts, in many recipes, as well as in coffee and other drinks…

Is Fish Really Good for You?

While farm-raised catfish, trout, haddock, salmon, flounder and other fish are unsuitable for consumption due to the toxic additives in fishmeal, deep ocean fish are even more harmful than farmed fish due to their excessively high levels of mercury. Even if fish consumption were shown to prevent heart attacks (for which there is no proof), would it be justified and wise to propagate it as being a healthy food when it is known to cause other chronic or fatal diseases?

4 Ways to Increase Your Natural Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes need to be in great quantities in order for the digestive system to work properly. Specifically, the enzymes work to facilitate the absorption and breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and proteins so the digestive system stays clean, boost immunity, and raise energy levels.

Water and Its Health Importance

Learn the amazing health benefits of water. Read here to learn more.

Bee Pollen Benefits for Men’s Health Problems

There are many bee pollen benefits for men. Taking a daily bee pollen supplement could change your life for the better, whether you are a young man, a middle-aged man or an older man. There are also many other benefits for bee pollen for men but which also benefit everyone else.

Lose Weight Fast – Healthy Snacking

We all want to lose weight fast. If you are exercising regularly and watching what you eat you are the right track. Some of us though are frustrated by our lack of progress. You’ve already made the big decisions to workout and eat well, now all we have to do is keep refining those two areas until you get the results you want.

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