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How to Survive Any Holidays Healthfully and Happily

Any holiday season, whether it’s Thanksgiving-New Year or the 4th of July, can often be a time for people to forget about wellness and healthy eating, especially for those who are are inclined to be binge-eaters. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! Here are five easy, practical tips to help you get through the holidays.

Things to Include in a Nutritious Breakfast

Every morning feels like the same repeated routine over and over again. We wake up, get out of bed early, take a shower, change clothes, enjoy a nutritious healthy breakfast, and we leave right out of our front door. At least most people wake up to the fresh soothing smell of a nice cup of coffee, tea, milk, or orange juice. Most people enjoy eating cereal with milk, and satisfy their early morning appetites with oatmeal, pop tarts, ego waffles, or even fast food breakfast meals.

Nutritional Benefits Of Apples And Other Fruits Proven By Study

Yet another bit of mother’s wisdom proving its worth. Dutch researchers report that the nutritional benefits of apples and other fruits (and veggies) with white edible parts might be better at bringing down the risk of stroke compared to other types of these foods.

Great Recipes For Juicing in 6 Steps

Just starting out with a new juicer? How do you know what fruits and vegetables to use in your recipes for juicing? This article takes you step by step through the factors you should consider.

8 Cups of Water – Here They Come Again

Okay so we all know that every diet, and exercise plan requires you to drink 8 cups of water daily AT LEAST. I have tried doing it but goodness it is a pain. No matter how you look at it that is a lot of water.

Liquid Health – The Benefits of Proper Hydration

Do not believe anyone who says that coffee, soda, fruit juice, etc. is mostly water so it’s all the same and it’s all just as good. That is not true. Everytime you drink anything other than water, you are getting mostly useless calories or chemicals that the body needs to deal with; such as added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavorings, colors, etc.

What Kind of Person Does It Take to Become a Dietician?

It takes a certain kind of individual to be successful as a dietician. Before embarking on a career as a dietician, be sure to think about whether you are the right type of person for the job.

Cravings: Why Athletes Constantly Crave Carbs

It is easy to confuse what your body needs and what you think you want. When you have cravings, they are your body’s way of telling you something is missing or not quite right. Athletes tend to constantly crave carbohydrates for two main reasons.

Brain Foods – Aka Raw Food

It has been said that people on average use less than 10% of their brains. Now, whether this be truth or fiction, it is true that some people do use their brain more efficiently, like me, for instance. Following are some brain foods to get you on the right path! Watch out, Einstein!

Go Vegetarian – For Great Health and To Prevent Chronic Diseases

A growing body of research for over a hundred years has repeatedly concluded that an animal-based diet is the leading cause of chronic, also known as degenerative, diseases. Did you know that a hundred years ago heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Lupus, Crohn’s, multiple sclerosis, and hundreds of other auto-immune diseases were so rare, most people had never even heard of them? In the 1980s, an international team of nutrition researchers led by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the head of Cornell University’s school of nutrition, conducted a massive health and nutrition study in 65 counties, in over 170 regions all over China. The hypothesis when the study began was that most chronic diseases were caused because people didn’t eat enough animal protein. When the work was finalized, and the findings were published, the research team was shocked. The evidence was overwhelming, but it revealed exactly the opposite of what they had predicted. Here are the results of The China Study.

Gluten Free Made Easy – Find Resources Not Research

Every where you go the hot topic seems to be about going gluten free, gluten free foods, gluten free recipes, etc. But where do you turn to make it a reality in your life and in your own home? And not just a reality – but something you can actually enjoy!

Easy and Healthy Recipes: What to Look For In Healthy Diet Foods

Easy and healthy recipes would make it easy to lose weight, wouldn’t they? Well, here are some great ideas for transitioning from your current eating habits to healthier eating plans that promote weight loss and health.

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