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Ageless, Really?

In keeping with the wonderments of scientific advancement, I’d like to share some tidbits from the biological front. Namely: What incapacitates the human body over time? I realize that most folks have, at one time or other, encountered the glitz of fantastical claims for this or that supplement intended to vitalize and rejuvenate.

Processes of Tablet Manufacturing and Tablet Packaging

From the initial process of mixing the right amount of ingredients to the shipment, manufacturers explain a few steps they follow generically. This article emphasizes on manufacturing and packaging.

Supercharge Your Meals With These Super Foods: A Sample One-Day Plan

This article discusses the benefits of certain super foods and details a sample one-day diet plan using super foods. Readers are encouraged to add super foods to their daily eating habits.

Water Is the Best Digestive Aid

Most people drink insufficient water. Now, by water I don’t mean liquids like tea, coffee and juices, I mean good old fashioned, plain water. Drinking insufficient water makes the stomach too dry. When the chyme is churned over by the acid stomach before journeying onto the duodenum as part of the digestion process, it becomes dry and lumpy.

Is Lunch Important?

Lunch is a very important meal that many people tend to skip. You can be a more productive and happier person if you eat regularly.

The Health Benefits of Calcium

Calcium is necessary to maintain healthy bones and teeth, as well as a normal heart rhythm. This particular mineral also helps with muscle contraction, nerves and relaxation. Most people can keep a healthy level of calcium in their bodies by eating calcium-rich foods, while others may find it necessary to introduce a calcium supplement. Depending on your health needs, your doctor may advise you to start taking calcium supplements.

How To Save Money By Providing Healthy Snacks With Homemade Ice Popsicles

Conserving money by freezing your own popsicles at home with your own recipes. You can bring down the cost of each popsicle to 5 pennies or much less, depending on the ingredients you make use of. A fun recipe is to take fresh oranges and press them, take the juice and add some whipping cream, placed the mix in a blender or stir and put juice in to pop makers, close the cover and place in fridge for a couple of hrs.

Why Whole Grains = Wholesome Nutrition

More and more evidence points to the health benefits of whole grains because so many of the vital nutrients are removed in the refining process. This article provides detailed, yet concise information for readers to follow as they make choices regarding their nutritional health.

Are You Seeking Comfort in Comfort Foods?

It has been a hard day at the office and as you drive home nothing sounds better than a big, greasy burger, large fries and a soda. Things are a bit messy in your relationship and you reach for that rich decadent chocolate cake to ease your sadness and sense of failure. Or maybe it is a carton of Cherry Garcia. But it could also be a day filled with great excitement and a greasy pizza promises to extend the joy of the day. Does this sound familiar?

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Lung Disease in Smokers

In a breakthrough series of studies involving the effects of vitamin D deficiency (insufficient levels of vitamin D in the blood) on people who smoke tobacco cigarettes, scientists have determined that those smokers whose vitamin D (25-hydroxyvitamin D3, or 25-OHD3) are are lower-than-normal are significantly more likely to suffer a diagnosis of lung cancer or some other form of debilitating lung disease than are smokers whose vitamin D levels are within a healthy range. Conversely, those smokers with healthy vitamin D levels appear less likely to be diagnosed with any debilitating lung disease.

Honey – An Old Health Remedy That Still Works

Sometimes the oldest health remedies are the best, and that goes for raw honey. Thousands of years before white sugar was processed and set upon the world (the same stuff that’s responsible for so many of today’s health problems), honey was being used for health issues, as a sweetener, as a preservative, and even in sacred offerings. One could write a whole page on the health benefits of honey. Most importantly it contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and natural antioxidants.

From Sickness to Health, the Secret Is Food, Particularly About Raw Food, Returning to Wellness Diet

Enzymes are the key element in absorbing nutrition from our food. The secret of returning to wellness, from sickness to health, is directly related to all food diet for healthy living. Raw food has essential enzymes and we simply don’t include enough raw food in our modern diet. Simply adding more raw food and fermented foods in the diet you will increase natural enzymes, boosting health through all food diet. When we mention a health diet it’s not necessarily about diet food, although you will lose weight… and that’s a bonus.

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