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Food Portions On The Rise

Most people have not noticed that food portions and serving sizes of food have been on the rise over the years. The sad thing about it is that children born in this generation think it’s normal and so they, in most cases consume more than they really need. What can you as an individual do about this?

Healthy Summer Snacks – Top 5 Picks for Kids

Even though we know that the true top healthy snacks are vegetables, nuts, and fruit, today’s kids are used to packaged and boxed food in their diets.  They love food that crunches in their mouth or melts as they eat it.  So, I’ve come up with a quick list that is some of the healthier versions of top “junk food” favorites.

Is Emotional Eating Impacting Your Weight Loss Program?

Oddly enough, most people have some level of awareness on what foods are good for them and what are not. If losing weight was simply a matter of awareness and knowledge about the right foods to eat, then we would not have an obesity epidemic. This article address a few tips that might help.

Amazing! Chocolate That Is Good For You

When the Spanish went to Latin America in the 16th century they discovered the cocoa plant. The Aztecs already knew of the health benefits and considered the cocoa seed as holy. So it was the Spanish who actually brought chocolate to the European mainland. Dark chocolate is a simple product, and as I stated earlier, the fewer added ingredients, the healthier it is. Yes, it takes some time to get used to, if you have only consumed milk chocolate previously. Dark chocolate is an acquired taste and may or may not be a favourite of yours immediately, when you first try it.

Meal Planning Tips for Healthy Meals

Meal planning can save you time and money. This is a task that someone in the family needs to do. More and more people are buying into the fact that meal planning is a good method of eating healthy while avoiding the fast-food track.

Green Up Your Inner Environment

The Green movement is gaining popularity as a way to save the health of our planet. How about greening up your inner environment to protect the health of your body? It’s all in how well we balance the acidic lifestyle we have by getting enough alkaline foods and practicing stress lowering habits. Your bones will thank you and you’ll feel virtuous for doing something good for your environment.

Six Foods To Improve Mood And Three That Don’t

Feeling down? Always irritable? Maybe there’s a cause for your black moods that you hadn’t suspected… what you’re eating and drinking, as in case you weren’t aware it’s possible for foods to improve mood.

Stroke Risk Factors Reduced With Olive Oil Benefits

A new study out of France’s University of Bordeaux tells us that one of the many olive oil benefits might just be the reduction in stroke risk factors. Older folks who used a lot of olive oil, regularly cooking with it and using it as dressing for salads, were over 40% less likely to suffer a stroke compared with those people who did not consume it with such relish.

Fight Body Pollution

Living in this rapidly changing environment today with busy profiles and time constraints- many of us don’t have time to follow a proper diet plan or exercise effectively, thus, making us more susceptible to numerous infections and diseases. In addition, our increasingly polluted environment have a immense negative effect on health.

5 Top Vegan Tips For Beginners

Veganism is an alternative nutrition scheme that many people opt for to improve their health. If you decided to go vegan and have some questions, feel free to check out the 5 easy vegan tips below.

Digestion and Enzymes – What Are They and Why Do We Need Them?

These are what we nutritionists call, “The Big Three.” When digestion, absorption, and elimination are optimized, you will notice that many “symptoms” of unease will be eliminated.

Shift Your Focus and Shift Your Health

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Too many of us have been doing the same thing over and over again, trusting in the quick fix, such as a pill, after we become ill, and expecting to become well. The illnesses might go away for a while, but often return at some point, or don’t go away at all. This is especially true of chronic illnesses that are driving up health care costs and interfering with quality of life, both at work and at home.

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