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Feeding the Family on Your Healthy Eating Plan for Weight Loss

Feeding your family while you are dieting can sometimes present difficulties. If you have a spouse who can eat anything and not gain weight, you may have some specific challenges to overcome if you want to stay on your healthy eating plan for weight loss. Aside from preparing two separate menus for each meal, what can you do? Here are some tips for preparing food on your healthy eating plan for weight loss that will keep everyone happy and satisfied.

Protein Foods

When we hear the word “protein” we usually think meat, chicken, seafood and maybe eggs and cheese, but do you ever think fruit and vegetables? Amino acids, the building blocks of protein are not stored, so we need to ingest them every day, to enable our body to build and repair. Whenever we eat, the amino acids in our food are broken down in the gut, and then into circulation and then a trip to the liver. The current recommended amount of protein for women is 46 grams, and 56 grams for men.

What’s A Phytonutrient And Why Should I Eat Them?

Phytonutrients are becoming increasingly important as cancer and other ailments are on the rise. Learn ways to get more phytonutrients into your diet.

Fight Disease And Keep Your Blood Healthy With Flavonoids

The flavonoids are a group of nutrients found in plants that boost your health in many ways. Despite not being considered essential nutrients, more and more people are now adding flavonoids to their diets in order to take full advantage of their health benefits. In this article I will be discussing 3 of the flavonoids in greater detail, outlining some of the richest food sources and providing an overview of their main health benefits.

A Closed Ileocecal Valve

How to avoid a closed ileocecal valve. The danger of having a closed ileocecal valve.

Figure Competition Diet Strategies for Success

If you have bee tossing around the idea about entering and competing in a local figure competition, the unknown territory can be somewhat intimidating and scary. You will be stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping into a whole new world of fit bodies ruling the figure stage. You can be right up there with the other figure competitors and even look like a seasoned pro with a few figure competition diet tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies.

Some Fruits And Vegetables To Use In Juicing For Weight Loss

When you’re trying to lose weight, you have to realize that crash diets or fasting or starving yourself don’t work. They may be all right to lose a few quick pounds to fit into those clothes for your high school reunion or special occasion, but the pounds will come right back, plus they are not a healthy course of action to follow for your body as they will cause you to lose muscle mass rather than fatty tissue.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Sardines?

Sardines are a small fish that are big in nutrition. Find out why you should be eating more sardines, find out about the nutrients and sardines, and whether you should be eating them canned or fresh.

Nutrition and Cancer: What Is The Link?

Poor nutrition has been linked to the creation of disease in the body. Choosing to eat healthy foods will greatly decrease your risk of developing diseases such as cancer.

4 Ways to Cut Out Bad Fats

It is important to find good cholesterol food for the body. When shopping one must read labels and know what types of food to purchase. This article will help you plan your shopping better and cut out the bad fats from your diet.

Why You Need Zinc In Your Diet

Zinc is a crucial trace mineral, responsible for many functions in the body. This article will explain why it’s so important, and what foods you can eat to ensure you get sufficient zinc in your diet.

Avocado Is One of the Most Healthy Thing You Can Eat, Check Why

Are you looking for avocado nutrition facts? If so, keep reading for in depth information that will outline all you need to know about avocado and its health benefits. As avocados contain a pit it is technically a fruit, however it differs from your normal everyday fruits such as apples and bananas. Nutrition values are only approximate as all these values change depending on where they are grown.

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