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But I Don’t Have Enough Will Power!

Just as a car engine needs a starter and fuel to keep going, our will power needs a catalyst to get going and support to maintain. To make lasting change takes more than just sheer will power.

Flavor It Up – Or How To Avoid Salt

We all want less salt, more flavor and real food. It’s easy when you know the tricks of the gourmets!

Reading Food Labels Can Be Surprising

Just because a product is organic doesn’t mean it has only the ingredients you think it does. When you read the label carefully there might be some surprises and unwanted additives.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Nutrition Bar?

With so many nutrition bars in the marketplace choosing a quality nutrition bar has become a time consuming challenge. This article reveals a list of characteristics that you should take into consideration when looking for a nutrition bar. Read more!

Staying Healthy When You Must Cut the Grocery Bill

Healthy eating is essential on any budget. Many people are still having to cut corners and make ends meets, so they look for ways to cut down on the bills. Unfortunately, the grocery bill may be the first area many look to trim. In light of dealing with a cut to the grocery bill, you can keep in mind a few tips that will help you stay healthy when you have to cut down on the grocery shopping.

Is Your Office Making You Fat?

Most offices are not healthy places. It’s not that the office doesn’t want you to be healthy, it’s that you need to make some choices to stay healthy. A few easy tweaks are all it takes to revive a work routine and get you feeling healthy!

Cook Brown Rice for a Healthy Life

Brown rice is highly beneficial for your health and your digestive system. Do not throw away the best parts by consuming white rice. This article discusses the health benefits of brown rice, and will hopefully lead to a healthier life for you and your family

The Top 4 Vitamins and Minerals For Strong Bones

Maintaining healthy bones is not just about getting enough calcium. Taking calcium alone is not effective and may even be harmful. Find out what are the four most important bone nutrients and how to obtain them

Ladies, You Can Eat Pizza and Still Lose Weight

It’s well established that in order to lose body fat and/or body weight, you need to bring your daily calorie intake below your maintenance level for a certain time period. At first you lose weight, then your progress slows and then you hit a plateau where you seemingly can’t lose any more weight. If you reduce your calorie intake even further, now you start to lose muscle in addition to losing fat due to your insufficient calorie intake. Again, that’s not good because this will lower your metabolic rate, making it even harder to lose fat. Also, when you restrict your calorie intake for a period of time, your body starts to think that you’re starving and reacts by lowering your metabolic rate and increasing your appetite.

The Health Benefits of the Humble Tomato

This article provides lots of reasons why we should all make tomatoes one of our favourite foods. The health benefits are quite astonishing!

10 Easy Steps To Healthy Eating On A Tight Schedule

You know you will be more effective with all of your daily tasks and responsibilities if you take good care of yourself, but it can be challenging to fit healthy eating into a busy lifestyle. This article provides tips and tools that you can put into practice right away to eat well and maintain your energy, even when you feel like you just can’t fit one more thing into your day!

Crossfit Nutrition – The Paleo Diet Controversy

The Paleo Diet is a pretty big deal. You’ve got people writing books about it, people hawking DVD’s, even big name celebs are coming out of the woodwork to swear by this way of eating. The problem is, whenever anything gets this much attention, controversy follows.

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