Back Pain

Back Pain affects over 80% of Americans at some time in their lives. This can range from a mild soreness to debilitating pain. It can be caused by illness or injury to poor posture or prolonged straining. There is no way to avoid it but to be aware of it and do what you can to prevent it. It is suggested that if you suspect back pain you go to see a doctor or chiropractor for a quick check and then try the appropriate back pain treatment. There is a back pain treatment is usually given for acute pain that gets better within a few days to a week. The treatment for chronic pain is usually recommended over a longer period of time. Most back pain is caused by muscle strains or muscle tears. These can be caused by lifting objects that are too heavy or from an injury that has not healed completely. There are also a number of causes of back pain. These include disc disease, arthritis, sciatica, tumors, internal bleeding and other problems of the spine.

Back Pain Treatment

The type of treatment that is used depends on the cause of the pain. Acute pain is usually treated by over the counter pain relievers, rest and heat. In the later stages of the condition it is recommended that injections and physical therapy be used.

For minor problems the main goal is to reduce the symptoms and in the later stages to get relief. In the early stages back pain is not serious and therefore your doctor is not likely to give you any medication.

For Chronic Pain

Chronic back pain is more serious than the first stages. This can be caused by a problem in the back or spine which has not healed completely. This can be a disease or a problem that develops over time.

The treatments for chronic back pain are often similar to those for acute pain. Over the counter pain reliever and rest are usually prescribed. Over the counter medication can help to reduce the symptoms. Sometimes cortisone injections will be given to the area to reduce inflammation. In the later stages of chronic back pain there is usually a combination of treatments to get relief from the pain.

Other forms of treatment include chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy and injections.

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