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Diet for Runny Nose

Good nutrition is essential for resistance and recovery of a cold. The use of home remedies certainly contributes to effectively treat a runny nose, and it will save on costs too. To build a strong body to avoid getting the flu, I thought the food supply of the nasal discharge is very crucial. It contributes greatly to building a strong system of a body.

Nourishing Your Inner Caveman Isn’t That Hard!

When you begin this new way of eating, you may try hard but end up slipping up, either because of time or misconceptions. Below are several meal-planning tips to help you start nourishing your inner caveman properly!

5 Essential Nutrients For School Kids

As the school year comes upon us once again we adjust our schedules for ourselves and for our children. As we are mindful of the need for rest, healthy nutrition and exercise we must add in added nutrients that children need to succeed health wise, grade wise and behavior wise. The following nutrients will help make this school year more effortless in all areas.

Diet for a Busy Body

Some people don’t stick to regular meal as they juggle their regular task. In other words, they skip meals carelessly. If that defines your nature, you should understand that no other task is as important as taking care of your body. For you to stay healthy, it is important you stick to regular meals.

Figure Competition, Fat Loss, and Water?

Making the decision to compete in a figure competition is a choice that comes along with a dedicated commitment. Not only do you have to diet and exercise for fat loss, but you also must keep as much lean muscle mass as possible to present your hard-earned work on stage to the judges and audience. One sure-fire way to lose body fat for your figure competition is to drink an adequate amount of water each day.

Get Essential Supplements for Your Body

Everyone desires for a healthy and a fit body and it is tough to find proper time to do the same. Having a perfect body requires lots of hard work and time and regular workout in a proper manner.

Seaweed Is a Source of Phytonutrients That Could Potentially Be a Cancer-Killer

Fucoidan is something of a newcomer on the health and wellness scene. Until recently, little was known about the substance, commonly found in various species of edible brown seaweed, like kombu and wakame. Now, thanks to recent research by Japanese scientists, we know that Fucoidan seaweed is a potential cancer-killer.

How Hot Dogs Are As Harmful As Cigarettes to Your Health

Studies have shown that processed meats are so detrimental to our health that some experts are suggesting they should have a warning label, like cigarettes, to warn consumers. But are hot dogs and ham really so bad?

8 Easy Tips for a Healthy Active Lifestyle

These simple provide easy steps to get back into health and fitness. It’s time to get healthy and maintain an active lifestyle.

What Is an IBS Diet For?

When you know you are experiencing symptoms of IBS, it will do you good to avoid foods and drinks that can aggravate your condition. Avoid taking those that are high in fat such as alcohol, coffee, and any fried food.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Prebiotics

Prebiotics are the food that these good bacteria or probiotics consume. These substances are usually found in plant material and are not digested by the human intestine.

Effective Nutrition – Anabolism Vs Catabolism

Anabolism can be defined as the set of metabolic processes and bio-chemical reactions which help to produce complex components from smaller units. Catabolism, on the other hand, is also a metabolic process which helps to breakdown larger molecules such as lipids and protein into smaller units such as fatty acids and amino acids, respectively.

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