Accept Responsibility

I’m usually not the guy to ask for advice. Most of my life I’ve been told what I wanted to hear. I made the bad decisions, you can’t avoid them, and I should accept responsibility. You can’t avoid anything. They are hard, they are painful, and they can be humiliating. Acceptance is a tough pill to swallow.

I was in my early 30’s when I was ready to accept my situation and start working on changes. By late 30’s my body had given up. It was stiff, sore, and achy. The mileage on my bike chain was as long as my arm and it was covered with corrosion. I was an over-trained mess.

I wanted to train in the morning and go for a jog in the afternoon. I didn’t want to run because I couldn’t manage the miles. I knew it would be hard to go the extra mile. There was no way I could keep the training routine.

Finally my body just gave up. The pain, stiffness and soreness from my right knee had worsened to the point that I could not run. I needed to work on reducing the pain.

I began a routine of stretching and icing the knee. It worked. The inflammation decreased. The weight on my leg started to come off and it felt good.

After a few months I noticed the knee was stronger and feeling good. I started a running routine and I’m running again. The pain and stiffness has reduced to the point where I am able to run and enjoy running again.

We’ve all had that friend who we can’t stand. We’re not really friends but I respect and admire his training and dedication to make it through the day without falling apart.

My body needs the same respect and admiration for allowing me to train and run and enjoy my activities without falling apart. I am running again and having an outstanding training season.

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