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Are You Buying the Wrong Vitamins?

When you buy nutrition supplements, you’re making a choice about something you’re going to put in your body. Make sure you purchase your vitamin supplements at the right place, and get healthier, quicker!

What’s So Bad About GMOs?

You may have heard the buzz about people trying to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You may have wondered to yourself if it is important to avoid GMOs.

A Raw Food Diet: Is It Healthier?

The basic premise of the raw food diet is that raw foods in their whole, natural form provide the enzymes necessary for digestion and vibrant health, and that cooking food destroys these natural enzymes along with many of the other critical nutrients in whole, unprocessed food. By eating raw, whole foods, you consume the enzymes found within them.

7 Super Foods for Your Body

To cut cholesterol levels and attain a good body weight it all starts with a good diet. This article will provide 7 “super foods” that can help you reach your fat loss goals.

Kiwifruit Benefits During Pregnancy

A healthy mother for a healthy baby! Proper nutrition should be top priority during pregnancy for promoting good health to both mother and baby. Advice often given to pregnant mothers such as “eat a balanced variety of nutrient-rich foods within the main food groups” is sound advice that is hard to argue with.

Kiwifruit Health Benefits Are Deeply Linked to Cancer Prevention

The nutrition industry, and health industry in general can sometimes seem to be full of hype. Supplements or drug products that can cure everything (read the list of side-effects though). It’s exciting to learn kiwifruit health benefits can help to possibly prevent some of even the most serious of diseases.

Wellness Coaching – The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The health benefits of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids were discovered in the 1970s by researchers studying the Greenland Intuit Tribe. The Greenland Inuit people consumed large amounts of fat from seafood, but displayed virtually no heart disease. The high level of omega-3 fatty acids consumed by the Inuit Tribe actually reduced heart rate, triglycerides, blood pressure, and atherosclerosis.

Wellness Coaching – America’s Sugar Addiction

Most people are malnourished. I’m not talking about people living in impoverished, third-world nations either. I’m talking about middle-class Americans. Because their diet consists mainly of starch, sugar, and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), the body is simply disallowed from much-needed trace minerals, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants that it requires to rebuild and repair tissue, and to maintain a slightly alkaline state.

Enjoy the Nutrition of Grapes

Europeans enjoy their glasses of wine, especially the French who, according to those who know these things, live longer lives than the rest of us. And researchers have determined that it’s because they drink more red wine. Read on to learn more…

Sugar: The Real Story Behind This Modern Poison – Part 2

The problems associated with excess sugar intake in the diet are mind-blowing. They include diabetes and insulin resistance, heart disease, hypoglycaemia and blood sugar disturbances, chronic digestive problems, yeast overgrowth, immune dysfunction, recurrent infections, several nervous system problems including hyperactivity, mood swings, depression and so on.

Food Traceability: A Matter of Trust

Food traceability is more important now than it has ever been. With rising health concerns and the constant visibility in the public eye, it is definitely an issue that can no longer be avoided or downplayed. Food traceability is key going forward and food companies are going to be required to become accountable.

Wellness Coaching – Running on Ketones Instead of Sugar

When you eliminate sugar and starchy carbohydrates from the diet, the brain begins to shift its source of energy for fuel from glucose to ketones. Ketones are the energy units found in fat. Not only does the brain prefer ketones over sugar for fuel, it operates much more effectively and efficiently on them. As a result, you won’t need to consume as many calories as you did as a carbivore. This allows you to maintain your ideal body weight without having to go on starvation diets.

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