6 Easy High Protein Meals For Weight Loss

Healthy Eating Made Easy, It Only Takes Small Changes

We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat!” As true as that is, most of us are not really sure how to define that statement. Experts agree that one of the best ways to really understand what you are eating and how to change your eating habits is to keep a food journal, the more detailed your journal the better. Besides the actual food and beverages that you consume it is also a good idea to include…

How to Improve the Memory by Changing Your Diet

What you eat has an effect on all organs of the body and this includes your brain. If you want to improve the memory, you have to think about your meals and the consequences.

Get the Right Type of Fat in Your Diet

Many times the word fat gives off a negative perception. Fat is usually thought of as being obese or overweight. There are two good types of fat there are essential for the body, these are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. These fats help the body with weight loss, fight disease and provide energy.

Carb Loading for Tennis?

Tennis players often ask if carbohydrate loading before a match is something they should do. Here’s a question sent in by one of our subscribers who gave us permission to publish it. Read how to make sure you are fully fuelled if you’re playing a match in the morning.

How Many Carbs To Eat?

The Proper Amount Of Carbs To Eat Many people don’t have a clue when it comes to the proper amount of carbs that they need to eat in a day. How much is too much, and when should you stop before it starts to compromise your weight loss goals?

14 Thrifty Whole Food Shopping Tips

We all know it is in our best interest to eat healthy, but at what cost? Organic and health foods can seem pretty cost-prohibitive. Here are 14 great tips to help you keep within budget while shopping for healthy whole foods.

3 Steps to Lose Calories

Learning how to lose calories and weight can be a daunting task and for many people, it is a continuous struggle. Although you may think that the process of how to burn calories is a complicated one, it is quite simple. If you eat fewer calories and do more exercise the numbers will add up, and you will lose weight.

Vegetarian Diets and Your Pet

Pets are one of the special parts of our life that just make things that much better. They’re mysterious and practical and provide love and affection in the worst times. So when you decide to become a vegetarian, naturally you’d hope that your pet can follow in your footsteps and do the same. Well, that’s true much of the time, but not always. Here are a few things you should know about pets and vegetarians.

Nutritional Supplements Must Match Your Health Needs

Is it enough to take normal nutritional supplements that you buy at your local grocery store? Contrary to what you might think, the answer is “no.” One-size-fits-all vitamin supplements simple can’t offer the best match for your body. Vitamin supplements should instead be geared toward your specific lifestyle, health and wellness needs.

Fight Cancer With a Healthy Diet

Life in general is pretty complicated. It poses several obstacles in front of us every day. And then again there are no problems in this world that cannot be solved.

Learning How To Eat For Health And Love

We all need to eat, no one would argue with it regardless his age, gender, or status in life. However, there are varied reasons why one is eating: for survival, health, comfort, and other reasons. But no matter what your reason is, it will be better if you will learn how to eat for health and love.

Sprouting For Beginners

Sprouts are not just for hippies and people who live on communes. They are a scientifically recognized powerful food.

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