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Natural Food Sources for Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are widely available from the natural foods we eat. So, before you reach for the vitamin jar, try getting your nutrients from natural sources.

Buying Protein Bars With Confidence

Protein bars offer a convenient way to get your daily dose of protein wherever and whenever you need one. Whether you want to develop more muscle or whether you take protein bars just for the fun of eating them, you should still see to it that the product you buy is actually the one right for you. By understanding some factors when buying protein bars, you might be able to get the best product in the market.

Make It Soft and Sweet: How Companies Get Us to Overeat

Food companies want to sell product. Our stomach are only so big. How do companies get around this?

Understanding The Prasouda Diet

Medical science has confirmed what the people of the Mediterranean regions have known for centuries – following the Prasouda diet, or the Mediterranean diet as it was previously known, has kept these people in abetter health than most of western society. The inhabitants of the Mediterranean, especially the Italians, Greeks and Spaniards have lived for centuries with this lifestyle..

The Risks Of A Vitamin D Deficiency

This articles poses five questions you need to answer to learn about your risk for developing a vitamin D deficiency. It goes on to list the risks of a vitamin D deficiency, including osteoporosis and several diseases you would never associate with this deficiency. Finally, it reveals what you need to do to ward off a vitamin D deficiency.

Sugar – The Dangers Of Too Much Sugar In Energy Drinks

The White Death is among us, just like the bubonic plague of the 1300s spreading boils, now spotty teens plague our cities but whats the cause and how can we stop it! People are always hearing in the news about how bad sugar in energy drinks is for you and how we should cut back but, how much sugar should we be eating daily?

Get Your Fill On Blueberry Hill

This summer, the University of Alabama at Birmingham released some research findings about one little thing you can do to reap healthy rewards, even if you’re a busy person. Just eat your blueberries…

Healthy Diet for Teen Athletes

The bodies of teen athletes are doing double duty. They are still growing and require extra energy to compete in athletic events. Carbohydrates and other energy foods can help meet a teen athlete’s needs for both nutrition and energy.

Breaking News! The Holidays Are Coming and YOU Can Stay Healthy

Yes, we’ve all been there before – early January comes and we’re feeling sluggish, heavy, bloated, and perhaps a bit guilty. I’m on a mission to revolutionize how we take care of ourselves, all year long. But the best place and time to start is here and now. I’ve put together my 7 best tips on how to care for yourself through all of the celebrations and all of the invites.

What to Choose for Lunch?

If preparing your own lunch and taking it places doesn’t suit you or simply doesn’t fit in the planning of your day, then make sure you make some wise choices whilst buying your lunch. It is all too easy to fall into the Meal Deal options which encourage you to go for crisps and a high sugar drink, whereas there are so many great lunch options out there.

Leading Foods to Eat When Working Out – Key Points You Ought to Know

Food is the fuel for our bodies. It gives us the necessary energy to function in our day-to-day activities. While it is necessary that your calorie expenditure exceed your intake so you can lose weight, it is still necessary that you fuel your body enough before, during and after your exercise session so that you can maximize the benefits of your workout.

How to Take Omega 3 Supplements – A Guide to Consumption of Fish Oil

People around the world include fish oil supplements in their routine to stay fit and healthy. There is no mystery about how to take omega 3 supplements, but should you be in any doubt this article will hopefully clarify this matter.

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