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Hoodia – Features and Benefits of the Natural Supplement

Hoodia is a popular natural supplement. Providers claim that people can use its patches without the fear of palpitation, hunger pangs and other such problems that are so common with other synthetic appetite suppressants.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Foods?

The organic food movement has really taken off over the last decade. At one time, you could only find organic foods in health food stores but now there is quite a large selection in just about any supermarket or grocery store. While prices have come down some over the years, items that are…

Ways to Get Your Mind Off Food Cravings

Cravings for food can strike you at any time and they can have disastrous results especially if you are trying to lose weight and have gone on a diet. When you see those pizza commercials on television or see your best friend sitting across from you munching down on a giant piece of cheesecake, it’s easy to become focused on just how much you want that treat for yourself. The good news is that no matter how much you want that food, there are things that you can use to help you overcome it and forget about the temptations that…

Kids and Healthy Eating

As a parent I want my children to be able to eat what they love. The times, when I serve them meals which they don’t particularly like, and I watch them eat without enthusiasm, break my heart. I have to strive not to cave in and give them what they crave, but which I believe is not proper nutrition.

Get the Kids Cooking

I have talked about how obesity is taking over our country and more importantly our youth. As August rolls around, the end of summer is near and the kids are going to be back in school soon. We all know how damaging fast food can be to one’s health. I am not writing this article to explain that to you. I am writing to talk about he learned habits that our youth get from eating this sad excuse for food.

Best Omega 3 Fish Oil To Take

Calcium tablets and an endless variety of vitamins are prevalent and commonly available in our pharmacies today. Similarly, fish oil supplements are easily obtained from numerous suppliers and outlets and they are fast becoming one of the most demanded on the market today. This may be due to the tremendous health gains that can be made by consuming them.Fish Oil contains fatty acids which are required for our well-being, how much of it is required? Who should be taking these pills? And which is the best omega 3 fish oil to take?

4 Healthy Diet Tips to Look and Feel Great

Eating a healthy diet is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Here are some healthy diet tips to help you get on track.

Olive Leaf and Cancer Prevention

The olive leaf which is somewhat popular around the Mediterranean Sea is a symbol for not only peace but of bringing someone good health and preventing lots of ailments such as cancer. One of the positive aspects of olive leaf extract is that it can improve a person’s immune system. It can do this because it contains an ingredient called oleuropein which is an antibiotic. Antibiotics are medicine that help fight off unhealthy bacteria and Penicillin was the first of its kind which was discovered by mistake from mold.

Aspartame – The Sweet Poison

Do you love diet drinks? You might want to read this article to see the hidden dangers of consuming products with aspartame.

Coconut Water Is Very Good Replenishment in Terms of Minerals

Coconut water is a very clear liquid which is extracted from green coconuts. This is generally a fruit which a coconut palm tree bears. It is not only considered a health drink but a source of refreshment as well. It is generally a natural beverage which is full of immunity enhancement properties. It is generally energy drink which contains organic compounds.

Overcoming Shift Work Fatigue – Why Green Foods Are Your Best Friend!

Living on processed food every day is the fastest way to accelerate your shift work fatigue when you work irregular hours. Consuming foods provided by Mother Nature on the other hand, is the fastest way to boost your energy and help fight off that overwhelming feeling of exhaustion.

Onions – Health Benefits and Nutritive Value

As far as nutritive value of onion is concerned, it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Onion makes a rich source of vitamin A, B and C. Minerals include phosphorus, calcium, and potassium. To your surprise, it also contains protein 1.4mg/100gm and carbohydrates 10.2gm/100gm. The caloric value is 45 per 100 gm.

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