30-Minute Advanced Full-Body HIIT Workout

The Advantages of Using Probiotic Supplements

In short, probiotics are a kind of bacteria which are beneficial for your body. They are present both in various kinds of food (yogurt, for instance,) and in form of supplements. Do not be discouraged by the fact that probiotics are bacteria. Even though the term evokes something rather harmful than beneficial for your health, using probiotic supplements may prove advantageous for you.

Eating Healthy 101

The number of diet programs and crash diets that are currently popular online and in magazines will blow your mind, and you may find that trying to follow some of these diets will actually do more harm than good for your body. Eating healthy is more than just dieting, but it is something that you actually need to integrate into your life until it becomes your way of life.

Pomegranate Juice – A Myriad of Health Benefits

The juicy red kernels of a pomegranate are a favorite with both the young and old alike. Apart from its richness and delicious taste, pomegranate juice has also become popular for its health benefits. And this only continues to increase with more and more people becoming aware of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Staple Fruits Every Raw Foodist Should Know About

With any diet, the goodness of fresh, raw, ripe fruit is wonderful to enjoy for its natural sweetness. Here are a few common fruits that should be on your list to savor if you haven’t done so already. Eat smart! Eat healthy!

Delicious and Healthy Cholesterol Reducing Foods

High cholesterol can be a serious medical problem. But, there are many things that you can do to help get your cholesterol back under control. There are many cholesterol reducing foods that can shift your cholesterol numbers into a healthy zone.

About the Glycemic Index, Insulin Levels and Losing Weight

When you want to lose weight, eating foods with a low glycemic index makes dieting and calorie counting superfluous. A low glycemic index keeps insulin levels steady.

The Magic Window for Eating Sweets

After working out you can eat sweets without raising insulin levels. The article describes also how to calculate your hart rate.

Impulsive Eating Is Holding You Back

Happiness, sadness, joy, anxiety, anger or fear. These emotions take us from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other (and back again). This is all fine and well, until our emotions get the better of us and make us do things that we wouldn’t normally do. Today, I want to talk to you about one of these emotional “side-effects” which hits many of us quite often, and puts our fat loss goals in jeopardy whenever it does.

Cinnamon Health Benefits

Cinnamon is found in almost every household. Learn more about how it will help you stabilize your blood sugar, maintain your weight, and also what the perfect daily dosage is.

Can There Be A Healthy Chocolate?

Chocolate is by far one of the most popular foods in the world, though most types of chocolate are simply consumed as junk food. Valentine’s Day and Christmas both involve a lot of chocolate consumption, but is it really true that chocolate can be healthy?

What Is Proper Nutrition For Your Body?

You may often hear the terms “balanced diet” and “proper nutrition”, but what do they really mean? There are so many different opinions on what a balanced diet is, as well as what proper nutrition really is for each person. One diet tells you that eating lots of protein is good for you, while another diet tells you that only raw foods should be consumed for optimum health.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dieting

So many dieters have failed to make their diet effective due to the simple fact that they end up cheating on their diet. Many have felt the pangs of hunger calling, and, rather than running to the fridge for an apple or banana, they run to their shelf of goodies and snack on their favorite sweets.

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