20-Minute Standing Cardio Workout With Ashley Joi

Pink Slime: Not As Bad As It Sounds, But Still Stupid

What is pink slime, exactly, and why are companies using it in the first place? And how does grass-fed beef make it almost entirely unnecessary?

Meat Glue: When, Why, and How It’s Dangerous

What is meat glue, and what is it used for? Find out which concerns have been exaggerated, which problems are real, and why it should be prominently labelled in the grocery store.

Grass Fed Meat and Paleo Diet Helps MD Recover From ‘Incurable’ Neurological Disorder

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a chronic, degenerative disease caused by the gradual destruction of the myelin that insulates the nervous system, Dr. Terry Wahls sought out the best medical treatment she could find. In a wheelchair and still declining, on her way to becoming bed-ridden, she began doing her own research into nutrients that could help her brain to function and produce more myelin. With supplements of omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and other nutritional supplements, she was able to slow her decline, but not to stop it. After carefully studying neurobiology, coming up with a list of vital nutrients, and researching which foods those nutrients could be found in, she independently came to the conclusion that a diet similar to the Paleo Diet, consisting mostly of vegetables (as much as you can eat-especially dark leafy greens), wild caught seafood and lean grass fed meats high in omega-3 fatty acids, fruits and berries was ideal for improving health at a cellular level.

Why Are Apples Good for You?

The apple is one of the most widely cultivated and popular fruits in the entire world, but how are apples good for you? A guide to why an apple a day really can keep the doctor away.

Vitamix Review: The Pros and Cons of The Vitamix Blender

Although there are several infomercials that help consumers learn more about certain products, many still consider reading opinions, which are mostly based on experience. In this Vitamix review, I’m going to talk about the pro’s and con’s of this blender to hopefully be able to inform other consumers in the best possible way.

Coconut Milk and Its Dietary Benefits

You can find coconut milk in a lot of stores and this can also be home made. This particular food has numerous benefits and by ingesting it, your immune system will be strengthened in preventing diseases and sickness. This milk is made from the flesh in the coconut rather than the water itself.

Look Your Absolute Best With These Great Juicing Ideas

Why is juicing such a popular phenomenon? People who drink homemade juice on a regular basis report a variety of improvements, including better health, more energy, faster metabolism, more exercise endurance, and less desire to eat junk food. Have a look at these great Juicing tips and ideas.

What to Eat While Pregnant to Be Healthy

During pregnancy, women have many different conditions and they vary from one to another. Morning sickness, however, is the most common symptom during the first few months of the pregnancy. Many of the pregnant women even feel reluctant to eat, fearing of vomiting afterwards, and this condition certainly should be overcome as soon as possible otherwise undernourished condition may occur.

Rainbow Diet

Can you put colour to your diet? Yes you can! Make your diet as fun as possible. Create color combination in the foods that you eat.

Let’s Talk About the 26 Letters of a Healthy Diet

Fruits are the best diet. I have here the best fruit that i can recommend from letters A to Z that you would want to include in your diet regimen. The vitamins and minerals of these fruit are also indicated.

Try Something New With These Great Juicing Tips!

There are many people who harm their diets by entirely avoiding healthy vegetables they don’t like to eat because they don’t taste good. When you juice your vegetables you can still get all the minerals and vitamins that are in them, giving yourself just what your body needs.

Juicing – Who Knew Something So Simple Could Be So Good For You

Juicing is a delicious way to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. You may want to try juicing to improve your health.

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