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10 Healthy Brown Bag Lunch Tips

Need help packing a brown bag lunch that your kids will actually eat? Here are ten proven strategies that re-made one mom’s attempts to provide healthy options that her kids would embrace.

Don’t Get Past The Point of Hunger!

Remember the last time you had no control over what you ate? Read why all our best intentions go down the drain when we get past the point of hunger, and what you can do about it!

Organic Produce and The Dirty Dozen

One of the greatest differences in organic fruits and vegetables lies in how the food is grown, handled and processed. Because organic foods aren’t treated with preservatives and waxes you may find that organic fruits and vegetables spoil more quickly than nonorganic varieties.

The Benefits Of Using Alkaline Water

Water makes up most of the life that we experience on Earth, in fact if it weren’t for water we wouldn’t be around, that qualifies water as one of the most important players in sustaining life on Earth. When you look around and gather the facts about our planet Earth you will concur to the fact that everything is consisting of around 70% of water even the mother Earth, water has to be viewed as the one very important player at sustaining not only the human life but the planet Earth itself. And for that reason we come to note…

Danger: Is Your Mind Your Master?

The mind is a powerful tool, and when it comes to our food habits, it can be very dangerous. There are many considerations for learning how to choose healthier options and recognizing that cravings or addictions do not have to run your life.

These Great Nutritional Tips Will Ensure You A Healthy Body

Anyone can lead a healthy lifestyle; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Here are a few suggestions for choosing better, more nutritious foods. They will show that the steps you need to take in order to eat a healthy balanced diet can be very simple.

Is Raw Food the Answer to Allergies?

A raw food diet, packed with immune protecting benefits may just be the answer to food allergy problems. Sufferers who already feel slighted in their choice of “what to eat” are recommended to check out its benefits.

Omega-3 DHA Nutritional Benefits For Cognitive Health

The nutritional benefits from omega-3 DHA begin with the way it works to eliminate excess accumulation of body inflammation. Preventing chronic inflammation is very significant, considering the serious health implications from the prevalence of large dietary imbalances with pro-inflammatory omega-6 bad fats, along with eating far too much sugar from processed foods and high fructose corn syrup.

Teach Children to Read Food Labels

Childhood obesity is a growing problem in the U.S. For kids, the childhood obesity trend is deadly serious. For the first time in history, today’s children are not expected to live as long as their parents! Society likes to point fingers whenever there is a problem, but as parents it is our job to oversee what our kids eat. Teaching children to read food product labels is the first step in helping them understand what they are eating. Here is what to look for the next time you take your child to the market.

Nutrition Supplements – Are They Really Necessary?

The nutritional value in foods has changed over the years along side the changes in farming practices. This means that the food that you buy today, lacks the nutrition that the same food once had, and in order to make good the deficiency, certain nutrition supplements are required.

10 Foods To Fuel Your Workouts

Consuming the right foods prior to working out is a very good idea. It gives your body the fuel it needs to burn calories and build lean muscle. Eating the right foods before working out will also help your body recover faster and boost your immune system. The following list highlights 10 foods that will fuel your workouts.

Make Sauerkraut Juice At Home

Because it stimulates the immune system, and prevents cancer growth, particularly in the breast, colon, lung and liver, before breakfast, we recommend a small glass of sauerkraut juice, 125 ml, on an empty stomach. A second glass in the evening is good, too, for its many benefits. You can buy bottled organic sauerkraut juice if you want to do things the easy way, or you can buy sauerkraut and extract the juice with a juicer or you can make it completely from scratch.

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