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Was Hippocrates Wrong About the Core Principle of Health? Healthier Kids for a Healthier Future

Hippocrates told us over 2500 hundred years ago; “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Our current medical system has strayed far from this core belief and it seems we now have a “pill for every ill” so to speak. We also have more health issues and poor general health than ever before.

Benefits of Clean Eating?

You may be wondering what is all the hype lately about eating clean and what exactly does that even really mean? In simple terms, it means eating foods as close to their natural state as possible. Now that people are aware of how added preservative and chemicals in large quantities negatively affect their body over an extended period of time, they are seeking ways to remove those chemicals from their diets and their body thus bringing their body to a more balanced and healthy state.

Bee Pollen And Nutrition – The Nutritional Benefits of Bee Pollen And Why You Should Be Interested

You may wonder why bee pollen and nutrition are mentioned together and why should you be interested. Chances are that you live in a country like the US, UK or Australia etc and for most people food is readily available. In fact, we are told that there is an obesity epidemic in these countries. However, studies have shown that many people in these countries are actually malnourished and that is a contributor to obesity.

Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex Product Review

Herbalife’s “Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex” is part of the 3-step “core products” program that the company offers. Formula’s 1, 2 and 3 make up that program which has seen proven success in helping people around the world to lose weight or manage their weight, plus improve overall health and vitality. This Multivitamin Complex provides over 20 necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants including the often overlooked folic acid, calcium and iron…

Should We Tax Unhealthy Foods?

Would people be more likely to avoid unhealthy foods if they received a tax incentive to do so? A few countries think so, and have enacted laws to increase taxes on fat, sweet and salty foods.

A Green Drink A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

It is essential to learn how to make green drinks immediately because these are healthful drinks that one can easily make to help solve various health concerns. Drink a lot of Greens! These will keep you healthy.

Fitness and Eating for Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, fitness and eating right are the two things that you need to rely on most heavily. Fitness training is all about doing the right exercises that will boost your metabolism, cause your heart to beat faster, and force your body to burn the excess weight.

How to Get a Six Pack Fast Through Diet

Most of us who want to get a six pack fast and who want to show off our abs or just to have better health MUST make changes to our existing diets. When most people talk about diet, they are speaking about an unsustainable method of changing what they put into their mouths. This is NOT what we are going to be covering in this article.

The Many Bee Pollen Health Benefits

We need to ask why bee pollen health benefits are becoming more widely known. Today there is a growing movement of many people who are becoming more health conscious and who use natural remedies for treating their various health problems. Natural foods are seen to be a healthy alternative to man-made medicines and processed foods.

Quick and Simple Ways To Lose Weight

A low calorie diet plus exercise can speed up weight loss. Exercising and lowering calories in the diet are very important when trying to lose weight. The results are much faster than just dieting alone. It is not necessary to exercise every day, but it should be attempted by walking or riding a bicycle.

Mountain Ash Berries – Long Lasting and Versatile

As winter encroaches on a wildcrafter’s three seasons of plenty, it is easy to assume that there is nothing that we can harvest from nature in late fall and winter. That is far from true. In other articles, I have referred to cattails, goldenrod, tansy horsetail, white willow, spruce buds and rosehips, to name a few of the remnants of the fall harvest. One of the most obvious, easily harvested in the wild and domesticated crops and long-lasting foods is the mountain ash berry.

Healthy Diet Tips To Start Today

Many people crack open the monthly issue of their favorite diet and fitness mag, read some tip on a new diet or trend, and they instantly go and try it out. Once they have finished the diet and found that it didn’t work, they go back to eating the way they always did.

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