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Creating Delicious Juice Recipes for Juicers

Once you have bought a juicer you are ready to go ahead and choose the fruit and vegetables that you want to use. You can even combine a variety of items to make a delicious combination of your favourite foods and thus creating your own recipes. You can go with sweet tasting options such as apples, grapes or strawberries; which makes great breakfast options.

The Importance Of Good Nutrition For A Kid’s Health

Parents always want to give their kids the best nutrition, but most often parents are forcing their children to eat foods that usually they do not like. Parent would give the usual kid-friendly food items like soda, juices, chicken nuggets, french fries, pizza, and hot dogs. But it would be better if parents teach their children to avoid food items that are high in calories and fat.

Why You Need Iron In Your Diet

Iron is a trace mineral essential to your health. You will learn its functions and the best food sources.

How to Ensure Astaxanthin Purity

If you’re Googling astaxanthin purity, you clearly know about the antioxidant scientists call the “most powerful antioxidant”. Studies show it’s more potent than Vitamins C, E and even those important beta-carotenes.

3 Bee Pollen Diet Pill Myths That Are Holding You Back From a Healthier and Fit Body

When I was doing extra research on bee pollen for my website, I discovered that there are so many misconceptions about bee pollen diet pills on the web. People who have never used it or professional doctors are infiltrating your minds with myths about bee pollen that are FALSE!

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer System

Many people want to increase their muscle mass and create a toned, developed body that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but strong and healthy as well. In order to achieve this, you must not only adopt a work out program that will build and maintain the muscle tissue, but also a nutrition plan that will optimize your body for this growth and maintenance.

The Many Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen

    If you turn the TV on today you will likely see tons of people trying to sell you some sort of healthy thing. In the last few years people have really started to want to get healthier. We have learned of many things that we thought was not that bad for us is actually killing us.

How Whey Protein Isolate Is Good for the Body

Whey protein isolate has long been used in athletics to help professionals achieve their full potential. However, regular people who are not athletes can also benefit from this supplement. Find out how whey protein isolate can be good for your body.

Foods That Increase Sex Drive – Part 1

You and I know that your number one biggest goal in the bedroom is to please your partner, besides getting your 8-hour sleep time of course. If such is the case, did you know that what you eat in the kitchen can determine how you perform in the bedroom?

What High Sodium Foods Can Do To Your Body And Tips To Make Better Low Sodium, Healthy Food Choices

Today many of our favorite food choices tend to be high sodium. OK, let’s be honest, we need sodium. It’s not going to harm us, if eaten in proper amounts, as you actually need it to survive! Right? Unlike fats, carbohydrates, sugars, oils and other “popular” words that we use when it comes to healthy eating, sodium is necessary. We need it to help maintain the balance of fluids in our body, relax and contract muscles and transmit nerve pulses.

Food Rut: 7 Tips for Changing It Up!

Have you ever been in a “food rut?” You eat the same thing every single day for lunch; salad, sandwich, and a piece of fruit. You love this lunch. It is easy to make, quick to prepare, and simple to bring to work. It can be stored safely in a jam-packed staff refrigerator. By bringing your meal you are less tempted to buy fast food or eat something unhealthy. So you make the healthy choice and, most of the time, really do enjoy a salad and a sandwich. You’ve tried to change it up by adding various alternatives each week; greens, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, kale, broccoli, onions, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, nuts, seeds, berries, even chicken and/or a hardboiled egg for protein. It sounds delicious, right!? It can get dull pretty quickly when you pack the same lunch every day for over six months; to the point where you dread eating lunch, avoid it, and are enticed to purchase unhealthy items!

Common Myths Surrounding The Raw Foods Diet

An article that discusses a few common myths about the raw foods diet. It offers the viewpoint of my personal experience with a raw food diet in which I found certain things to be true and some not so true.

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