15-Minute Full-Body HIIT Challenge With Julia Brown

How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

For someone just starting a workout program there are many challenges that may present themselves. How often should I workout? Why is it important to do resistance training as well as cardio? How much protein do I really need? For this article I am only going to focus on how much protein you need. Most people have no idea how much protein their bodies need. Instead they are told ridiculous numbers and are made to think that they need to buy expensive protein powders and shakes to increase their protein intake. There is a very simple formula that will determine exactly how much protein you should be consuming.

Is Eating Raw Healthy? The Answers You Need To Know

Have you been considering ‘going raw’? Are you curious about the benefits? Are you afraid it may not be safe?

What Should You Feed Your Baby and Growing Child?

While krill oil can help take care of your growing child, you should feed your baby breast milk and the right kind of solid foods. Antarctic krill oil is obtained from krill, a shrimp-like creature that lives in clean waters.

Muscle Testing: Zeroing In on the Body’s Energy Flows

Natalie had been to several doctors in 2009 to find out why she had constant hives and itching on her skin. Her primary care doctor told her it was eczema and prescribed her a corticosteroid cream. After several weeks of no change in her condition…

Why Is Fiber So Important?

Even though fiber is an indigestible substance that is resistant to being broken down in your small intestine, it can have many powerful health effects in your body. Fiber can help lower your risk of developing constipation, diverticulosis, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes mellitus.

Paleo Diet – Family Meal Planning For Healthy Paleo Meals

Family meal planning is much more involved than it was a few years ago because the mothers of today have a much more hectic life. It may seem to be a daunting task to plan your meals, but with a little forward planning healthy tasty Paleo meals that the whole family can enjoy can be made ahead of time reducing the nightly meal preparation stress. Here are some reasons to create a plan and stick with it…

You Are What You Eat! Are You Eating Right?

“Diet” is a much dreaded word, but there are tons of programs out there. People are making tons out of this; so what do you think? It has to be something beneficial and good and do not think that weight-loss diet is a deprivation: it will not deprive you of friends, of emotions and events or even the foods you love.

Choosing the Right Food for Health and Nutrition

Great health is only achievable by eating the right food for nutrition. It is apparent that everyone desires to feel great, energetic, and prevent common infections. However, without the right nutrition basics this is hardly achievable. Meal planning also enables someone to avoid junk food and encourages a consistent healthy diet.

Vegetable Juice Recipes – Staying Healthy the Delicious Way

Juicing fruits and vegetables has been known to offer great health benefits. Fruits and vegetables itself are just some of the great healthy food sources available in this planet. It is said that in order for one to obtain the optimum benefit that fruits and vegetable has to offer, they must be juiced. Juicing, then, will break down the plant cells that compose these produces making way for the outburst of healthy enzymes and substances.

Digestive Health Supplements: 4 Ingredients Digestive Supplements Should Contain For Lasting Relief

Many people suffer from digestive ailments and take digestive health supplements for relief. To get long lasting relief and improve our health we must choose the right supplement. The best digestive health supplements include soluble fiber, enzymes, natural bioactive phenolics, and prebiotics.

Understanding Your Glycemic Response

Are you confused about which foods to eat because of your glycemic response? You are probably wondering “What Is Glycemic Response”? Glycemic response is how your body reacts to the carbohydrates you eat. Some carbohydrates will cause your body to secrete more insulin to digest the food. This high increase in insulin is not very healthy and can make you obese as well as increase your incidence of Heart Disease and Diabetes. Therefore, the goal should be to consume foods that are do not have a high glycemic response. So which foods are good and which ones are bad for your Glycemic Response?

The Tastiest Omega-3 Foods for Your Diet

Whenever we think about healthy foods, we usually don’t think of them being delicious. That’s not the case with omega-3 foods. Foods high in DHA and EPA omega-3s usually are fatty fish, while foods high in ALA are green vegetables, flaxseed, and walnuts.

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