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Top 8 Immune Boosting Foods

We all know how important our immune system is to our overall health. Well I’ve done some extensive research to find out what foods we could eat to aid in promoting a healthy immune system. I would like to share with you 8 of the 15 foods that I found in my research that have been known to boost our immune system.

Water Filter Systems – What Do You Have To Gain?

Water filter systems come in a wide range of sizes and formats, varying from whole of house filter systems to personal water filtration bottles. The type of water filtration system you should purchase, depends on your individual needs. However, no matter what type of water filter system you choose, most have benefits in common.

DIM – A Super Nutrient That Can Prevent Cancer and Help Balance Hormones As We Age

Many of patients are menopausal women and men older than 50. This is the age group where mid-life hormonal shifts and changes can become problematic and set the stage for the onset of future health problems, like breast, uterine and prostate cancers, if left unchecked. The problematic hormone that can get out of whack at this time is largely estrogen as “bad estrogens” can predominate which allow dangerous oxidation to occur that damages DNA. However, as I tell my patients, nature has given us a near miracle phytonutrient to reverse this process – DIM, short for Diindolyl Methane, and I’d like to tell you about it.

What Is Curcumin and Where Can You Find It?

Curcumin is an active ingredient in one of the most powerful spices scientists and doctors are currently studying. It is sometimes confused with other spices with similar names. Many of its healing properties have been recognized for thousands of years.

Change to Healthy Food

One of the most challenging things to do for the New Year is to rapidly change one’s lifestyle. Most people resolve to take better care of themselves over the turn of a new year. Losing weight is a popular resolution for everyone, but what we often fail to understand is the aim to lose excess fat to be healthy inside and out.

Beware Of “Healthy” Food Labelling

We’re in a time and age where fast food has become the order of the day, leading to many undesired health effects such as obesity, hypertension, heart diseases, etc. In the process, a lot of individuals have developed a craze to eat healthy. But whilst in this mix and rush of healthy eating, some, if not most, of the people have become deceived when choosing their foods.

Salt – Pros and Cons

You’ve heard the saying ‘Is he worth his salt?’ That saying comes from when the Romans were actually paid in salt! That’s where the words ‘salary’ comes from – ‘sal’. We are now paid a ‘salary’ – all because of salt. Salt also used to be worth its weight in gold – literally!

Juicing To Help Shed the Pounds and Make Another You

You want to get a lean body and also have read that juicing is a good exercise to gain access to. One problem is basically that you know nothing about it – not even how to start. This can give beneficial information about how to find yourself in making your very own juice.

Healthy Pudding Recipes That Will Light Up Your Day

Healthy pudding is a sound alternative in meal planning. Healthy pudding is easy to make, delicious, and better for the health conscious individual. Healthy chocolate pudding is a smart addition as a dessert. Chocolate has properties, which significantly benefit the body, including flavonoids that contain antioxidants, which aid in counteracting the negative effects from free radicals that lead to arterial plaque.

A Look Inside Alternative Sweeteners – Are They Really So Bad?

Alternative sweeteners are widely used but controversial, and we regularly have colleagues and clients asking our opinion. Happy to oblige! The three most widely used sweeteners are all synthetic compounds and are much sweeter than the natural sugars they replace.

Shakeology: An Honest Review

I’ve been hearing plenty of hype about this new supplement drink called Shakeology (increased energy and regularity, reduced cravings, dissipation of certain skin conditions, etc.) and decided to give it a try myself. The following post is my candid review about my experience with Shakeology.

Fibromyalgia Treatments That Work

Fibromyalgia treatments that work are varied, as some things work better for some and less for others. Generally, medications are used to manage the pain, antidepressants to help manage depression and/or stress and often times, sleep-aids to help improve the quality of sleep on a consistent basis. It is advisable to start with the safest and lowest dose of medication possible, then work your way up if those are not effective. The less medicine the better.

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